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On june. First two thousand. Ten stephen clancy hill also known by his stage name. Steve driver attacked several co-workers with the prop samurai sword attacking several wounding two and killing actor. Herbert hin wong also known by his stage name. Thom dong in van nuys california. This is the story of the samurai porn murders which is not the official name. Oh my god. This is everything. The valley samurai swords porn at the acting. The acting culture the real acting culture in l. a. gone horribly wrong. i can't wait. This was a subject i wanted to do earlier in the year. Opted not to based on the hotbed of los angeles. And i just didn't feel like getting into something. This strange and sad when ellie was in such an upheaval and i just chose not to put that out into the world. Even though i put other things out into the world via this podcast. sure. I just wasn't feeling it but i was kind of excited to discuss it. Yeah well it's a new year. New ballgame new weirdness. I'm ready for it. Stephen steve driver tom. Tom dong the stage named as they would like to be called in an entertainment context which we are. They were known as mopus. What is a mope. I'm assuming from what i've gathered that it's men that kind of hang around and mope around porn studios hoping to kind of get work. Well i've never heard this. I thought it was an acronym lake men on people everywhere like like the. I don't know. I don't know what i thought. It was the porn industry. And it's you think like oh this is. It's easy anyone could do this. It's really not and have a history from doing a different podcast where i've interviewed conversations with a lot of adult stars not necessarily about the sex part of it because that's pretty evident but personal lives. Would it was like how it affected their relationships and their families and what people thought and what it kind of takes to sustain it and it's very difficult industry and you can't just walk in do it m- although i mean if you're comparing it to being an astronaut maybe you have to jump through a lot less hoops. Yeah i think and again for my very limited time in sex work in people who worked in porn or worked in the sex industry for a limited time like there things. You don't like myself included. What is a mope. I don't know there are things that you don't consider. There's a culture around it that's both all enveloping an stigmatizing and like think about all the times that you're in a sexual situation and all the pressure that's put on to begin with in a personal sexual situation. Now add a bunch of other people time and money invested in your performance. Like it's fucking hard. It's it's difficult to end when you have people that are on the bottom end of that. The bottom of that ladder which you think this ladder is already a bottom. Depending on people's views about sex work the adult movie industry or the adults adult industry general. It's into be at the bottom of that. It's gotta be it's gotta be kinda tough so you have to be the kind of person that is waiting in the wings essentially to wait in the wings. Yeah for sure and also men's specifically in and again. I want to just acknowledge sex. Industry is run by men for like every type of structure of the top of it in the adult industry again. Please prove me wrong. I would love to hear. That is a man but to be a man in porn is like a tier. You don't get paid as much you're not needed as much like hangers on on a porn set gape wants a little bit different to even gotten there yet but that is you have to be very specific type of person like you said to do that and want to do that and just like show up to do that. I guess. Full disclosure uncomfortable for some reason with and that's fine if you are adult movies sex work. That's not important to the story. I'm not getting into too much detail with that. There's plenty of other strangeness. So just just want to warn people. You know me like i keep pretty square. Jason does not he. He's not going to give you the discuss details that maybe you desire or come back next week and you'll get some dirty details if you don't desire them. You're in a good place. I it's really not integral to the story but when this gets picked up by news outlets and you know it really it really umbrellas like what's going on. So it's it's part of the story but it's not important to it and i won't be getting into too much detail although i could the certain things i probably could get into but it's not important to the story so i'm just leaving it out and that's for you to kind of check out if you want to. But in case you're you're sensibilities are wherever they're at a new year's resolution that you don't wanna hear no samurai literature. We're not samurai stuff will stay. Okay okay if you are if you made a resolution that's short. Stop listening now. Steve driver. Tom dong they appeared in several movies together as mopus and they will see here. In the movie as the mope the turmoil is is not part of the movie itself. And that's just what you are. It's okay so you're just an actor in the movie but you are known as a mope until they like. Hey come over here. Yeah we need you to whatever we need them might be able to do. Maybe it's something sexual. Maybe it's an extra like a weird scene yet. Something like that. But they were known as the jackie chan and chris tucker of porn

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