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It in his eyes. I'm sitting there watching it with my daughter. She's like, Oh, may was a response like, but it was a little uncomfortable. Don't know why I remember this but growing up watching the bodyguard. I feel like that's a very sexy movie or there can I haven't seen you in so long. We look so old timey to watch it now. Yeah, the part where they're after there at the bar, and then they're back at his place and he pulls out the samurai sword. But I feel like that's a movie that was on in our home growing up in the eighties, and I feel like Ah, once or twice sitting there going. Ah, I don't know. I don't want to be here right now like this is a little It's a little romantic for for the setting. So some of the examples were Brokeback Mountain. Yeah, The year is 2005. My in laws are Southeast Asian immigrants who came to the U. S. In 1980 Kids grew up very American. They stuck to their traditional culture and were super conservative Christians. They had never seen a movie in the theater before. So my husband and boyfriend decided to treat them to dinner and a movie to celebrate 25 years in the states. One of biggest movies that came out that year. Wass Brokeback Mountain, So he took everybody. Needless to say, the car ride was very quiet, right home. They never talked about it. I mean, everybody knew what that movie was about before they even side because it was so different looking these great actors. He fled to flash forward to 2015 when a cousin came out as gay and my father reacted to the news by saying, Oh, so he goes fishing on the Brokeback? Yeah. Gina. Gina, How are you today? What was the movie that you watched your parents and there was a sex scene or something? Something inappropriate happen. My parents are divorced. My dad didn't really like, know what to do with me on his weekend, But he knew that Eminem was like, really cool. So he wanted to oppress me. I think I was like 10 or 11. And he took me to see eight miles in this scene and the factors? Oh,.

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