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Have to be. Adult discretion is advised but seriously kids of all ages are welcome. Even grown up. Kit Cup was island on or wherever you listen to today explained back ha ha ha ha. Ha ha ha ha. Hey everyone this is Cara swisher editor of recode and I'm Scott Galloway professor of nyu Stern School of business. We host the twice-weekly pivot podcast. Where you break down all the news in Tech Media and business and anything else that we fancy we want to talk about. The news is moving faster than ever. And we're here to bring some analysis context sanity and occasional levity. Yeah there's a lot of sanity around here anyways to covert nineteen thousand nine hundred Economy Keira. Listen Scott Listen. We don't want to bring levity cope. Nineteen we think. It's a very serious crisis. We want to give people insight and other ways to cope with cove. Nineteen we've had lots of ways to talk about it whether it's through the relationships and we talk about how tech is being used to track data and health and location the privacy risks of living out our lives and platforms like zoom which can be a little dangerous has streaming platforms. Like Netflix will excel or fail without sports broadcasting in how this moment is changing the relation between labor force and major companies like Amazon. We cover the entire landscape of we also bring on great guests ranging from Robert Rice to ask parallel to got us to the economy and how covert is changing our relationships. How is our relationship changing? Scott Bo I think you know it's getting stronger. I think you're finally in touch with your emotions. Let's be honest. Am The future ex Mrs Swisher. Yeah after Sean Hannity Anyway got puts it over. Nineteen has been the great accelerator for companies the economy and public policy. Stay on top of it. All by listening to pivot Swisher and Scott Galley. Every Tuesday and Friday subscribe on Apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen to podcasts. Oh man I tell you what I think I think the giants made a tremendous selection You know with that you know. They'RE GONNA they're to get a young.

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