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Battle at wimbledon in the greatest match ever played strokes of genius premiers on tennis channel july first at eight pm eastern wbz news time one fifteen if you're following world cup action by the way we've had a major upset defending champion germany has been knocked out of the tournament after a disappointing start a stunning to nil defeated today against south korea sweden also beating mexico three now coming up next hour we've got switzerland versus costa rica and serbia versus brazil still head charges have been filed against a man who drove into a group protesting a white nationalist rally killing a woman that update after we check our top stories right here on wbz hi it's joe jack loney owner arch painting if your office us a fresh coat of paint what about brand new industrial floor coatings for the warehouse spring is the best time of year to make these upgrades and you can count on the pros at arch painting to get the job done right on time and always at a low price we have fully insured and hire only hardworking professional painters who take pride in what they do painting has new england's top choice for commercial painting for over twenty years and that's why the area's most respected colleges auto dealerships hospitals in historic buildings have trusted art paintings high level of professionalism for the property manager a general contractor or a small business owner today at one eight four four arch painting for a free estimate visit us online at arch painting dot com visit.

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