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Center, I'm Tia Graham, WW J NewsRadio nine fifty AccuWeather forecast. Now meteorologist Carl Ericson joining us, I think we talked about this about two months back Carl highs in and around the eighties, and it seems like here in mid October. We're doing the same thing for tomorrow. Yeah. That's right. Jason certainly does not feel much like October out there or fall just very mild out there. Even at this hour temperatures well up into the fifties. Kind of holding steady there through the night, not drop all that much from where we are right now down to fifty seven and that was up the stage for a warm day on Monday as cloud cover in place right now, we'll give way to some sunshine, high eighty two below with that. Warmth, actually, the humidity will be in place SO it. Philly more like early June early October up to eighty two maybe a shower or thunderstorm in the afternoon, otherwise they wore muggy night, Monday night, low sixty nine and remaining warm and humid Tuesday into Wednesday, perhaps an afternoon thunderstorm on Tuesday, high eighty three but the best chance for wet weather is on Wednesday as a cold front moves through more widespread showers that day high seventy eight and then behind that temperatures returned into more well average levels for this time of the year, the backup to fifty nine for a high on theories is that will be a noticeable change has that cooler air comes on. And right now, it's fifty eight degrees at a metro airport city airport. Fifty six Pontiac fifty four humidity eighty percent and winds northeast at seven miles per hour. This is accurate meteorologist Erickson on WBZ. Newsradio nine fifty traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the eighth..

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