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Found lines for gas sixty cars deep consistently at this Costco in Wilmington North Carolina nearby. Scott Proctor was in line for propane that he may need to run a generator. Once he returns. For the rest of the year. So how was that out later today or tomorrow, he told us that the Costco was out of water? Sure enough. There was a limit of five cases of water per member. There's none CBS news meteorologist David Parkinson says people need to prepare for the category for store time is now to make those preparations if you are in North Carolina for potentially being without power for weeks at a time as well as lots of rain from freshwater and coastal flooding. CBS news update, I'm Pam Coulter. KCBS news time five thirty two Silicon Valley could be in. So for some rough times KCBS as Mike Cogan says, the tech sector could be one of the hardest hit in the escalating trade war between the US and China apple for examples is a proposed China terrorists would boost prices for all his products, including iphone and ipad tech analyst, Tim baharan. Keep in mind that the screen itself is very expensive. But the real issue would be the manufacturing costs. Besides the factoring in the facility, the labor costs. Here are so much higher than they are anywhere else in the world. President Trump tweeted over the weekend that apple should manufacturer. It's gadgets in the US. If it wanted to avoid tariffs on Chinese imports. Beheira CEO of creative strategies says that's impractical for both logistical as well as a cost standpoint bottom line is the way the supply chain works. It is so much more effective inefficient to be able to do it in Asia where the manufacturing costs are cheaper and more specifically there in a more centralized location for the components to come to to a manufacturing facility in China based apple suppliers dropped as much as ten percent following the president's tweet in the Silicon Valley bureau, why Colgan KCBS both sides are now lobbying governor Brown over a Bill that would limit just how early schools could start their school days. The story from Chris students with their all new sister station KNX in LA, California school boards association is among those skeptical of requiring all middle and high schools to start no earlier than eight thirty in the morning Choi flinch says it's not that he's group is totally against later start times. They just don't agree with a one-size-fits-all approach. What we're advocating is that. The school board in the local community who truly understand the specific need of their population. Make those decisions on a local basis because they have the most knowledge about what's best for their conditions. Then there's the other side of the issue. Not surprising to me that the administrators are opposed to this Joshua Peschalt, president of the California federation of teachers I would argue that if it's a good policy for one. It's a good policy for all governor Brown has until the end of the month to make his decision indicated that is Chris students reporting in southern California. KCBS news time five thirty four. It's time for Dave Ross Trump versus Obama. This is Dave Ross on the CBS News Radio network, presented by theraworx relief. The latest government figures show wages last month increase to the best clip since the end of the great recession. We have now had ninety five straight months of job creation and that prompted several triumphant Trump tweets which in turn prompted former President Obama to give a speech on. Friday, saying wait a minute. All this economic joy started during my administration. He also added that despite those figures there's growing inequality it's harder to get health insurance and pay back that college loan were disrespecting hardworking emigrants, alienating our allies and foolishly pretending. There's no climate change to which Trump replied, the solution is American jobs jobs before climate change American workers before foreign workers both men claim they know what will make the middle class prosper. But the Obama approach assumes if you find yourself struggling the government needs to fix things for you. While the Trump approach says if you're still struggling after all this winning. It means there's something wrong with you. And that's the debate. I wanna see before the midterms a debate between the two mindsets. Trump versus Obama, no moderator, no audience. Each man's Mike is live for exactly three minutes of the time and the alternate for ninety minutes. Let's see the Russians hack that Dave Ross on the CBS News Radio network..

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