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Splint Michael second sooner that he intended to a little faint he moved by then you for your time. That's what you gotTA. Do you gotTA BE SMART? You have to elevate as your touch on new cerebral game where you're doing At the top of your game where you're not just going in there and trump and budgets you do that you get taken apart by tangle. Steady. Lopez have to catch Lohman Chanko or do you think he has the skills necessary to them and beat them down because he's the bigger fighter with the bigger punch? You know that's a great question. Stephen and I'm going to say that every just going in there. To Mall Them. Well, then he's going to be missing. Because Norman doesn't get more. He's got the best legs in a business not only does he have the best head moment the best legs his father when he was young men him do something and feel like do you guys wouldn't have wanted to do it? He made him stop boxing and take dance lessons. And that's what made him do. I Dunno Max. You take sides since when you Don't want to take. I. Know he's taking dance last he dances I'd say, Hey. What he's. He's Yes. Dancer but. Listen Lohman shared goal Stephen, does it give more so of the attitudes to Mowlem well, that is going to be missing is going to get out box that was going to happen but to your question. If he wants to be able to bounce alone struggle to be able to play A. Game of be able to do more than just go out there, and we'll go out there and have to knock them out. I think somewhere along the line, he's got hurt Loehmann's changle and reverse the roles flipped descript way gets low and Chango to have to take chances not counterpoint so much to have to take the risk a little bit and then. Both Lopez gets a chance to show his other boxing skills but I think he's got a hurt him. In order to do that petty I look at a fight like this. Big. Favorite, he's a three to four two one favourite because he's so supremely skinner than I think I'll tell you the truth. The danger is dangerous dangerous. For. Boxing history and I think about some fighters. Guys quit proud champions like Gandhi Al, war or Nicholas Walters the men a lot of guys will just like before the avalanche came I don't take this beating it's about to happen they quit I don't see. Te'o. Is that Kinda? Guy One you have match ups like this one of two things can happen if the older guy schools the younger guy, it can ruin the younger guy or the younger guy can. Come out of it better because he went to school on the Guy I, think of like even Alexis Arguello beating up boom boom Mancini Mancini afterwards took a beating, but he came out of it probably a better fighter if that starts to happen to Fem- Oh, do you think that a fight like this can make him better or is he being rushed and it can ruin him if he gets outbox thoroughly. and. It's a great point to Max and you're very true history has proven to be true. They're all fights VAT of fighter will lose on his way up and it will make a better fight ahead get to that big fight head lose it competitively won't get blown out of the water and gained things to tools the mental and physical tools that he needs to get to the next level to really the the thing you're really talking about is. To learn, you could depend on yourself to learn. Gibb belong. A lot of people don't understand they said vitamin you. Re Blooms. They don't know until they know. If they belong at that level and Max you right on the button that's what you gotta learn. But I'm GonNa take you back a minute Max and I think you're on the right track one, hundred percent but I think Lomo I think that Lopez already had that lesson against the Japanese fighter of to go you know he he didn't look great. He went twelve rounds everyone thought he was going to blow them out like it was blowing. Everyone else out I. think that that that's the reason I think he has a chance against Chang without that fight I don't think he would've maybe looked as good against call me as he did he was sensational and I don't think he'd have a chance in this fight with low and changle but he does because he went through the process you describe and you described to beautifully but he went through that process with the Japanese fighter where. He could go the distance he yeah he goes go the distance and he learned good depend on himself. He learned that what he didn't hurt somebody didn't somebody out. He could still he could still win. He could still he could still be there what he needed to do as a fighter he could still behave. Like a fighter he learned that against the Japanese fighter and I'm thinking that lesson now into this fight. Yet will no doubt a very big night for both of these fighters will be very interesting to see who comes out on top Loma Chango. Lopez tomorrow night on ESPN. Got It. Then I'll be looking for teddy afterwards to. See You tomorrow, Twentieth..

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