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Very much parts are let's head over the five Farmington road top Pletcher is gonna win at Belmont at a mile and a half this is a one turn mile an eighth a lot of people think very very highly of the five he's going to be coming from way out of it at fifteen one hour before an entry level allowance race he's only broken is made in Israel releases this winter you space all sorts of different circumstances he closed into a fast pace he tried to call into a slow pace and then last time in the Arkansas derby try to keep in closer maybe flattened out a bit you know the freeway seven comment he lost them all he doesn't win he's a deep closer here's how would be the other alternative for people I think you need to like him we like Max player I don't think you can like both the secure trust these people closer I don't like him to walk I don't like him later on today are you mentioned four left earlier you think he's going to be challenging tap it to weigh in on the front and thirty to one of the more in line for Doug o'neill I wouldn't be stunned if he cleared and Johnny what I'm clear and Johnny tried to take off the pace with capital went back working strongly because by the time the five major crimes this guy's gonna be looking around looking at how you get the cameras were table so source I really hope he doesn't want to walk in here and and and get not anybody's way namely topic to Windsor I like when these races are run cleanly and I you know he's just paste the look at me I don't like little all right number seven jungle runner fifty to one on the morning line Steve Asmussen your buddy ray Loogootee heiress aboard yeah we will share the stage with us that they're going to be back in twenty nineteen we have a nice night that night I'll be ones were for Rory will be looks completely overmatched in west Campylobacter justice not baseball best of luck with the resolution of the lot I've had a lot of success in this race as well one of our career back in two thousand sixteen we gave them out that source look up fast all right how about the eighth is the lawyer six the five morning line favorite early money all over as well Markley tag Manny Franco eight eight deserve it yeah you know I deserve it even money favorite this morning at three he's going to be shorter than that I think he's the goods I am very as a gambler knows of one form of the Afenifere we also understand for five years on that was damaged by but was sent you want to see the best of the best meet up and let him settle on a racetrack I was looking forward to seeing the balance all of them in Max field take on because the law for two reasons I want to do the best for stress to selfishly I want ten dollars under the law because I do you repeat those words like a drum if I think you're gonna be close or something well I think you're going to get these horses I think some okay it's a carnation I thank you see on the travelers I thank you I think there's a good chance source for the triple crown but like I said he's got somebody in Barclay tag that knows how to keep our resource happy and healthy funny cide wonder derby in twenty thirteen he won a race every year from twenty twelve to twenty seventy Walkley Mozambique you for shopping and healthy I think you can go to for quite a long today many cycles and it's almost I'm hot I'm happy for merry merry cycle one of the best lawyers in this country and people are sad to see if that was one of three separate last year sharing how did you get to the bottom of stakes win today lifted the wall from just off the pace I think he's a stone cold since the one hundred and fifty second Belmont Stakes Moses with you right here on the fan on the Saudi terminate the beast to be breaking down the Belmont Stakes tell my one fifty two later on this afternoon coming away five forty two posed at the does a great job naira into horse racing radio network a lot of people like doctor posted five to one on the morning line top pleasure around were tease what's your thoughts on on this three year old your available or step brings us some value in this race I don't like this was for a penny later on today I think you're gonna have some different publications I don't like will be defeated in the first couple wins I know he's got Todd Pletcher he's got a router to use corner that's only going to help bring down the price I don't like this was I think the source now is what was it was all about earlier seven phones a model I think this was going to be very very useful I think those those middle distance for him is going to be his Cup of tea when all said and done I I just I don't like to be here today and I think he's got a chance to be the second or third choice so again try and turn some lemons into lemonade by taking a three to five or four or five shots and making some money in the gimmicks by getting award like topples out of them all you know one horse I like that I I think and help out those exotics and that's the final horse in this race and that's the ten pneumatic Assamese cities go rider Ricardo Santana was not get any sort of love in the early wagering as well eight to one on the morning line making a backup exactly with them so much to play them here but you don't play you don't gain towards actor and make them exactly I'm gonna say this you know all the famous people don't follow the sport don't really get this if you don't help me right now Eric gay no shot was when I had a crystal ball here you're not winning the Belmont Stakes later on today I tell you this is the worst that beats up now I'm making a bigger exactly what modernist because I think the dynamics of the lakes play more income modernist being able to get a bigger piece the path this forces questionable modernist I think this was may even be a little more counters and modern this the problem is you're gonna be moving what does the law and he has a novel approach to seriously challenge the law the problem is when you face always does better than you would you take your swing more often than not you're susceptible on the only I would not be surprised if this source continued off I think this was gonna be good as first generations off the pace winning the war after that they asked him to go to the lead in his first start around two turns last time I think that was a very tough fashion just birds out of this area he goes back to the one time you got the outside draw and he's supposed to get his trip the trip that was needed last time because of the grout draw real trip that this force one to six do you get that later on today I just think there's a lot better than them but he's definitely a big player in the in the low slot here from my job so you're going eight for eight ten all right two quickies before let you go into the appreciate the time here number one is all the three horses that we mentioned so overall I'm Dave tap it to weigh in doctor post one of those three horses which one of those three would surprise you the most of you want today what surprised me the most Dr post because we had the least amount of speed and I think he probably has the most distance limitations of those brave the wind gets loose and just keeps on growing or selling a lot because of the.

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