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Now so it was so we we did well it was a little warmer than it was in the summertime when we're looking for a little more content Jan exactly yeah so we we could use a little more warm weather if we're going to try and pull that off now so it's interesting to look we're supposed to be getting ready for graphite all these prospects are that was part of the reason it was interesting like we talk about all this change and you heard from Zach Taylor in the bangles and everyone around there yesterday and it sounds like a large part of the reason that they haven't been very forward with basically saying what we all know which Joe Perot's gonna be the number one pick because it seems like everyone involved wants to give him that moment right he's already not going to have a lot of the normal things that come with being the one picks so please go through the process of sending a pic in making the announcement giving a guy whose job world just blow up in the last year given the chance to cap it off now after the title run with being the one overall pick well remember we're we're we were were we are now remember they used to have the number one pick John and sign up for the draft and then they finally said okay let's give them their moment and then because we cover the draft NFL network cover the draft everybody has their insiders and you want to listen when I was younger in doing the draft I remember I would be stationed out in Arizona and I have my I have my person that I had on the inside and before they're picked they would tell me the pic and I would get in boomers here who is running the draft or get in the producers here and they told boomer and it was all the rage on who could know who the pick was before the pick was made right which took a little bit of the excitement out of it and the NFL finally said the network Hey can you guys not do that anymore so it was we went all the way from knowing the first pick the first pick already signed to make in our our insiders tell you who the pick was to now Hey let's let this thing be a surprise and let everybody kind of had their moments a little bit I remember driving around in two thousand six I think it was the year that Reggie bush everybody thought was going to be the first overall pick in the draft and it was the night before the news broke he wasn't going to be and it is so it's you're you're right like it's so funny how how much that's all changed go look we go presented by progressive insurance with insurance for cars homes boats motorcycles RV's and commercial vehicles checking out one eight hundred progressive and progressive dot com you can go can we go chasing fits in for trade with Michael and Michael junior this isn't the only thing going on right now of of note though there's golf golf is going to be coming to us not just in in normal that's what we expect but golf is going to be coming to us in a nontraditional event that is going to give us a level of trash talking and a level of absolute chaos and I am here for every ounce of we've been waiting for Mickelson versus tiger the rematch now we find out that we're gonna get Mickelson versus tiger but it's going to be do is there going to be tag teams and they're adding Tom Brady and Peyton manning to this I am here for every ounce of the excitement that that is going to bring all of the great thing is to it's going to be on free TV not pay per view they're going to raise money obviously to to help with that what's going on with corona virus and all those people that need help so that part of it's going to be great and you you you think there's going to be good trash talk because unfortunately with Phil and tiger as it got toward you know we we kept going toward that back nine eight it just got worse and worse the golf wasn't great either and it turned out to be a real and kind of event so put it on free TV have the money going to a great cause and you get a couple more trash talkers in Payton and Tom Brady specially paid I've I've got Tom will come out as well Tom you don't hear a lot of time when he was with the patriots you don't open up a lot but I have a feeling you'll see a bit of a different time in this I don't think so I don't think so really no I am really excited I'm going to watch this and I believe me like it being for charity is a great deal and we're all going to watch it because we all need something right now but I'm already trying to protect myself because I've done the same thing I go all right maybe this combinations we've heard this pair floated in particular a while ago right Brady manning I just don't see it I don't think when those guys get in front of a camera that's personality Peyton does Peyton place a lot we see him out in front of that camera a lot like that I just don't think they're going to all do it the way we want them to do it which is like we all do a war on the golf course meeting we are rude to each other we're going to each other's backs wings with yeah I don't think we're getting vast but I I do but I want it so bad I don't think it's going to be abrasive like I think it's going to be a nice round of golf I think we'll maybe get some interesting conversations and directed traffic but it's gonna be a lot more like the set up drama on an episode of the bachelor that it is going to be around that man well I want to protect all of our feelings like if we go into this just expecting when I'm laying out we're gonna have a good time if you go in expecting when your feet itch specter I think you're gonna be disappointed do you wear a Cape but when you play captain thunder stealer because that's what you're doing right feeling all of our thunder Michael Collins was on with Kevin Gandhi R. E. S. P. N. PJ PGA analyst last night on sports center and talked about the who when and where and how this is all going to go down what we think is going to be is going to tiger and Peyton manning have played a lot of golf together so we think it's going to be tiger and Peyton versus Phil and Tom Brady that's what it looks like the match up is going to be and from what I've gotten from inside information my source tells me that this is gonna happen sometime a Memorial Day weekend and it's probably going to happen in Florida those are the kind of inside of things that I've found out from a source of mine the one thing about where it's going to be that that's a no brainer everybody if you're gonna be a sporting about Florida's gonna put on everything it seems anime or maybe Georgia the way they're going the way we talked about the fall potentially being this big glut of all these different sports at once it seems like it's going to be that all taking place in Florida the state of Florida very busy for the next three months Vegas already jumped on this making tiger and many a minus one fifty favorite fell and Tom Brady are plus one thirty eight we don't know how they're going to I hope it's alternate shot I mean that way you're in the position of listed obviously tiger and Phil are pros but Payton or time hitting a bad shot and then there pro having to hit a lot of that I I think that could that that could add the most fun on where everybody have to hit it from again I have no idea how they're going to play this thing but but I'm looking forward to it and I don't know what kind of golfer Thomas but usually quarterbacks are pretty good because they wear red jerseys you never get hit in practice so they're never sore and I say that as a former any other position the quarterback and I'm jealous of them for never giving him in practice what you mean you don't have fun trying to hit golf shots of the pain in your shoulder yeah I mean seriously as to any quarterback that's bad and good I tried to play golf is bad and they they have no reason to because our bodies are usually fine you guys boilerplate at least a little golf I know you know yeah you become a golfer as everyone knows I am not a golf you are not at all from when you were playing with somebody that is drastically worse than you are and and let's face it no matter how good these quarterbacks are there going to be drastically worse like what's that moment like when you see somebody hit you know you just realize that they stay why I think that's the beauty of the alternate shot I think that puts a lot of pressure on Tom and Peyton saying I bet I've I had a crappy shot I'm really **** my partner here you know I'm waiting for them do you know the drill one you know into the into the bunker into the side of the bunker you know we're going away in the Russell Moore and have those guys have to hit it out of there I'm just waiting for tiger to throw up like just absolutely throw the whole bag to be like I'm where I am waiting for the full Bob Barker playing with happy I feel more yeah exactly exactly right goalie can we go presented by prison progressive insurance I'm here for every ounce of especially start as we all are for any sort of level of support so we can get this is going to be spectacular coming up two years ago he was the second overall pick in the NFL draft and now he's one of the best players in his position say kwon Barkley joins us next the little window ESPN radio ESPN two two thousand eighteen NFL draft only just be a one dimensional data once you complete that the New York Giants thank I'm Tom Waddell and I drive a hawk these are difficult times and the team at hawk Ford analog Nissan of Saint Charles have gone to extreme lengths to keep customers and employees say they offer pick up and drop off for service and you can also complete.

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