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And then he took on the big hero at wrestlemainia biggest match. The Rousseff has had sense at all. It's the biggest match in reserves career still to this day and Johnson a beat him in a match that a lot of people thought Rousseff could have gotten made in any wasn't how. However, history has shined a new light on that day because instead of even being reminded who the match was with, the history has been told that that day Rousseff was made. And that's because he went to wrestlemainia on a tank. We don't talk about what the match was. We don't talk about who won the match. We don't talk about anything like that. We don't talk about what happened after that wrestlemainia. All we talk about is the fact that there was a tank there and at the end of the day, Lana is the one that provided the tank. So the fact that on March fourteenth only a couple of weeks before Lana was going to provide the tank, they were in Milwaukee. I would say that they were in a very healthy place because. The tank was still going to happen. If Lana was doing things behind reserves, back on March fourteenth, two thousand fifteen, we probably would have never had that tank. We go forward a year and change to October twenty second twenty sixteen where Roussev lost a United States championship match to Roman reigns again at a live event. Lana was there with Rousseff so you know. No, I don't think it alive event. Lana would have been sneaking around on Rousseff. That's probably not true. There is a date between those events. However, an episode of smackdown taped on July seventh twenty fifteen where Rousseff defeated fandango Lana was not with Roussev at this time due to an alliance with summer Rae, and she was not in the building that night, Lana and Rousseff were on their break at this time after she had kissed Dolf Ziglar. Furthermore, this was the first night that Rousseff was spotted wearing boots after his broken ankle injury avoidance or fashion choice. Big question Mark. Now, of course, when men change up their fashion, a lot of times it's because a different woman has has has given them advice. A lot of women get suspicious when men change up their routines because it makes them feel like there's a new, a new person influencing their decisions at the same time. Maybe Rousseff felt like. Lana was slipping away from him and he had to change things up. That also happens you, you're observant of of the lady that you're with. You realize that maybe the look that was once in her is the interest that she wants showed you is no longer there. So what do you do? You switch things up in order to get her interested once more, maybe that is what was going on with Lana on that day. I don't think that it was July seven, twenty fifteen. However, because how would aiding in Aden English know anything about that? What in Lana in a moment of confidence, tell Aden about it. And Furthermore, would it be that scandalous if rue, seven, Lana were on a break at the time. Maybe the story is that on July seventh twenty fifteen while Lana and Rousseff Rana break Lana had a brief tryst with Aiden English that's possible out of any of these three possibilities. The July seven twenty fifteen day. Day is the most likely cause we know they were in Milwaukee. We know she wasn't there with Roussev. She could have ran off with Aiden English because Aiden English was not in the picture yet. He wasn't betraying his friend and maybe they just never wanted to tell Reuss of, who knows who knows. Some people brought up the old rock promo where rock made it sound as though he'd had an affair with Lana. Of course, we know a couple years ago on an episode of Monday night wrought, the Barclay center I was there. I was sitting in the audience. I was there with Noel Foley. As a matter of fact, if I remember correctly and Rousseff was in the ring with Lana and the rock came out, surprised everybody. We were shocked and cut a promo on Rousseff and Lana. A couple years later he showed up as surprise on ROY was going around backstage, and he made it sound like there was an affair that happened between the rock and Lana, and he brought up the fact that he taught Lana about the Wisconsin wheelbarrow..

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