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We'll do some NATs later on with Mark Zuckerman for Massin. They swept the Philly's last night and starting tonight they've got a huge series with the first place. Braves in see in the weather should be fine. All weekend long. So we'll save that for later in the show. Gary Williams will be on the show as well to talk about the draft. I'll get his perspective on a lot of the players, but certainly on hot Shimura, the player the wizards selected Gary's. Good friends, with Mark few the Gonzaga coach and he pays attention to Gonzaga. So we'll talk to him in a little bit as well. The wizards got two players in the draft last night. At number nine, the first ever Japanese player to be drafted. Rui Hummer a six eight two hundred and thirty pound power forward out of Gonzaga. He was a first team all American, and he was a big part of a team that at one point was ranked number one in the country and was one of the favorites to get to the final foreign win the national championship probably on paper, Mark fuse, best team at Gonzaga part of that was because of him part of it was because of Brandon Clark. They just had a very good team by the way, just to get this out of the way right now. This is a huge deal for Japan hotch Moore of being the first ever Japanese player to be drafted into the NBA is a huge deal for Japan, by the way, he's got a Japanese mother, if you're, you're interested, his father is from a west African country called of Benin, but this is a huge deal in Japan and make no mistake, the wizards are going to become. I'm a favorite team in Japan with gear all over the place in hotch Moorer. Wizards jerseys, all over the place in the franchise is going to benefit from that now I have no idea for sure whether or not displayed into the decision. So I'm gonna move on from this, because a I don't know and be hotch. Mariah is a good player who wasn't overdrafted you know, according to most experts in most mock drafts it's not like he was incredibly overdrafted. He was re there in the mix to be a lottery pick, you know leading up to the draft last night. Now, my view of hotch, Moore is this, first of all we did a very lengthy draft preview yesterday that really irritated Tommy, I loved the fact that that irritated Tommy yesterday. I said that I I like them but I don't love him. I like a lot of people more, including his teammate, Brandon Clark who I really liked and liked a lot more. Than hot shimmer. That's just me, you know, Hummer became a guy that we as college basketball fans really became aware of as a potential first round NBA pick. And I talked about him during the course of the season on the podcast. But when he broke out in Maui, last November, they beat Illinois they beat Arizona. And then on the night before thanksgiving, they beat Duke when in the moment early in that season people were talking about Duke as an unbeatable team. Remember they had opened the season by nine leading Kentucky. And that was an upset that night Gonzaga was ranked what two or three that was at a number one versus number two matchup..

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