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Did I tell you what eight nuts and said our defense the vendor that so I almost got tackled by the office of tackle trying to block him and what a flag would have been very welcome there but he didn't get the call set back this time is slow. double wing Hopkins the quarterback they give the smokers smoker tries the right guard fighting fighting but he does not get in game one so we second goal Rawson glass go stops welcome to keep him out of the end zone is army is on the doorstep with five thirty six what the player in the first quarter of a scoreless game. Michigan is going to have to rotate their defensive lineman today to try to keep some semblance of. going with the broad seven. Ben Mason has been in there. he's out of the lineup now is they're putting in some new guys. they go power laughed when set back is McCoy the option what but they give you the full back McCoy these over left guard he's in touch down army the cadets go up six nothing over Michigan with five oh one with the plan the first. just getting low it's going to be hard for Michigan to get under the pads of army these guys get so low they wanted to get in your leg they won a trip you they want you to fall over them it's a very frustrating. afternoon for a defensive team to play this office. tally will come in and took the extra point the cadets. good place to pick this up the kick is good. so. with just five minutes left to play here in the first quarter in an Arbor army. takes advantage.

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