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To settle a complaint from a young woman on his staff who accused him of expressing romantic interest dinner when the settlement became public this week men tried to explain his conduct to reporters at one point describing his accuser as a soulmate that drew widespread attention and was mocked in a monologue from late night comedian stephen colbert byun says using that term was a mistake and added fuel to the controversy the house ethics committee is investigating the case for npr news i'm dave davies in philadelphia officials in south korea say a hospital fire in the southeastern city of mere yang has killed at least thirty seven people and pse lease he reports from seoul another one hundred people have been injured the national fire service says the fire started in an emergency room of a hospital in mururoa in southeastern south korea it took firefighters nearly two hours to put out the flames local fire authorities transferred dozens of surviving patients to nearby hospitals for treatment investigators are now looking into the cause and the south korean president has convened an emergency meeting to respond in peers he lease hugh reporting from seoul this is npr news this is wnyc in new york i'm richard hake good morning it's eight 04 twenty eight degrees fair skies right now in new york city expect a sunny day to day with a high near thirty seven degrees of federal judges acquitted new jersey senator bob menendez of several corruption charges anna could make his retrial trickier the judge struck down seven charges that menendez accepted campaign contributions from a florida eye doctor in exchange for political favors robert menzies a former federal prosecutor for new jersey he thinks this could make the justice department's case against menendez tough to sell to a jury the government will have to show up and things have value that were given center menendez or tied to the gift that were given by dr inelegant but they're not closely tied in time menendez still faces eleven charges including bribery a doj spokespersons says the agency is considering the next steps a top aide to governor cuomo intervened with the state budget office on behalf of an upstate developer accused of giving him bribes that's according to testimony in federal court yesterday afternoon wnyc's robertlouis was there in two thousand fifteen joseph for cocoa emailed and spoke with officials in the division of budget to.

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