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Now. Is We actually regenerate line tissue got restricted lung lung disease we have to reduce the scarring along we can do anthony testing including a flow volume loop and DLC L. diffusion capacities asked to show them proven mm to lung function and range of motion etcetera. Now let's go down to the bowel if you've got out the abnormal parasols of your. He's off against bringing it up into the chest title Hernia we can reverse sat sat with. IBS CARE to stimulate the mind. Dirk blacks we also. He'll out he's off your wall with gastro heels. Karmazin are we kill off the past into quitting helicobacter Pylori Guy Cetera. That can cause cancerous changes in yourself. over a period of time because Admiral Chronic. Mike Dismisses 'cause off Joe Cancer that can be very sneaky has by the time of diagnosis often very advanced. Same with pancreatic cancer that affected some of the major celebrity's recently including the Canadian. Jose affected what we do there. interpreter skipper Adams. We can do an ultrasound. The upper abdomen the cancer cell marker tests The most important thing is forty. Five percent of people have abnormal anonymous connections. Actions between our gallbladder pancreas if they have seaboard small intestinal bell. Overgrowth visco pancreatic cancer. especially if they have a despotic Shiva. You have a sterile up or small bowel views the acid suppression of Proton pump inhibitors. You increase the risk of despite houses and acid reflex an Amtrak Emerald bacteria getting into panthers that can cause pancreatic changes to the DNA so we have anti pathogenic we have the five plasma hiding or neutral nine which which no one else has. We have neutral which I've designed nobody else. Has We have allison mad from Germany. Half the price or less two hundred milligrams more six hundred fifty milligrams grams of our biologically active anti pathogenic fungi viruses bacteria sparky to Cetera. We have neutral Munin. twenty-six y Minagawa take take the pathogens neutra defense increases strength last fall to foreign percent stronger to destroy the viral pabst of all Indian viruses. Bacterial Cell Wall maupassant all past and we can recall nicer. GOT LIVING PROBIOTIC and results extreme from Paris living probiotic ultra and Berber stat and helps restore dispatched guts normal normal so the stomach ulcers you wanNA use the same treatments we have also enzymes the Digestion Gastro digest is will restore stomach acid and pepsi. So you have proper digestion of your food and Proper Times Gospels. I am plant based digesting food. Supporting the food arrive in your the second part of your doing the proper. Absorption Improper activities of the enzymes in the upper small balance sterile because of the the acid killing the year passed into bacteria. If you're looking at the bow all of course Augusta Hill very helpful. We can also use frequency therapy and other treatments like Andy Pathogenic treatment to Nakal pasture. And and of course we can heal the got wall with got peptides which we have for the stomach and small bowel for the liver and for the kidneys. The kidneys You WANNA measure eve. Small Particle Human Serum Albumin HSA If you're leaking daffron. If you're diabetic we can stop that with Ultra Simon and be one and we want to monitor that secondly we can actually improve the reduce the CRP using trans a AB abdominal over the kidneys looming. Photon anti inflammatory Amatorio. Like cell defense plus we can also reduce scarring of the ureter another things. We can reduce stones with calcium magnesium citrate straight stop stone formation and get over homocysteine using methylation support the bio L. VR super fully power missile b twelve and seven methyl because they can induce deuce stone formation of methylation pathway insufficiency We're talking about bladder problems. Prostate for men we want to use prostate flow. Two soft soft gels twice a day bladder up which was made from pump. Continue to twice a day and a natural alpha one blocker Swedish flower on two tablets four times a day for women. With Bladder Stalin's Andrew Ryan pressure. Who'd again use the sweetie flower pollen and the bladder up and we reduce You'd ride swelling and information using Erin laboratories in flashbacks and self defense plus new product..

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