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Find supplements the very same supplements that i prescribed to my patients and there's a huge variety of products available their products i personally selected and have a vetted for potency and effectiveness and you can vitamin d r hoffman i come i invite you to shop there for your supplement needs okay let's take a call now from lori in milwaukee i lori hey either hey so um i have extreme burning pain that my stomach to the point that i had to take disability from work because it's chain so bad yeah and i've seen like three or four gi doctors neurologist and they can't find out what's going on and i've had endoscopy done ultrasound up my stomach done mike all bladder taken out um i've tried to acupuncture and the only thing that i think he pointed mean to is a pain managment clinic which i in the role than at the mayo clinic in rochester tuesday nigeria should so they're gonna you know by hopefully not get you will hooked on opioid medications that would be the last thing we'd like to see uh okay what you know sounds like a typical day in the office for me because fortunately or unfortunately i get to see patients like you all the time you patients who were sort of the rejects of a conventional medicine and you're it's good that you went to budget gastroenterologist because he pearl had every conceivable tests to rule out every conceivable type of problem you don't have ulcers internet gastritis uh you don't have ulcerative colitis crohn's disease you don't down in your even alba gall bladder anymore and so they don't really know what's going on where's the pain located my rib cage today quote progresses the pain just grade throughout my whole stomach uh so stomach is like.

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