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Love this guy. We got a player. Glad you're not my teammate because there's no way you're getting a T shirt today if you were on my team there, Cliff Uh, but I'd like to get the book. I need some firewood. Oh, baby. Yeah, well, I'm ready to play. God, I gotta find my sound effects here. Let's see. Uh, I can't find it. All right. If I call your teammate is David Gleaner from West Orange David, say, how did Michael Hey, Joe. What do you mean? Pathetic. This is like the highlight of my week. They attacked Do trivia. Come on, Step up your game, Joe Listeners telling you. Yeah. Okay, David. All right, let's go to David. David, What do you do out in West Orange? I am a general dentist. Oh, a general dentist, general dentist and your favorite Your favorites to Lieutenant dentist. Come on. Excuse me. What? Your your general dentist, as opposed to a lieutenant Dennis. Tora. Colonel Dennis. Exactly five. Tell Michael tell Michael a dentist Favorite time of day. 2 30 32 30. There you go. Okay, We can do this. Okay, let's get out our drill. We've got some players today. So let's get rolling with our tag. Team tribute. You're playing for something Money. Can't buy a letter Michael Collectible T shirt. All right. So what? Let's set this up here we have 10 wins for Len, amazingly and eight for Michael. But I think when amazing.

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