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Another day another ballpark Kevin Harlan and loved his job but the newly minted head of security from Major League Baseball had to admit it was getting a bit monotonous on the surface. So many of these stadiums have their own mystique from Green Monster Monster at Boston's Fenway Park to the Ivy covered brick outfield wall at Chicago's Wrigley Field each place had its own quirks its own personality but underground they were all the same the long concrete tunnels the bustle of activity everyone doing his or her part to make sure the game going on above them went off without a hitch but there was another side to what was happening a darker side when he first I started touring the Ballpark's Helen was surprised at how easy it was to gain entry into players club houses they were packed with all sorts of characters none of whom had any form of security clearance that included the vast entourage of slime balls that accompanied Pete Rose rose everywhere he went they were big guys with bulging muscles slicked back hair and pagers clip to their belts Helen a new type right from his days in the nypd he could spot bookies from a mile away. Hallinan had heard the rumors that Pete Rose was a profligate gambler earlier and once he saw the kind of people pete surrounded himself with he began to suspect the whisperers were true however this wasn't some scrub Auber journeyman outfielder this was pete rose the hit king it was only a matter of time until he was enshrined into the Hall of Fame But if HAL ammon suspicions proved to be correct it didn't matter how influential Pete was if it turned out Pete's gambling habits had spread to baseball he would be in violation of one of the MLB as most iron clad rules. Anyone who bad on a major league baseball game would be banned from the sport forever..

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