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Just get the episode fab your girl to do what your wife get the five and if you a into episode five then definitely ain't for episode fad if you can't if episode fatty like all right i got to know was was was happening for you that's my theory moving right along i can speak a it pound woke indeed you podcast unproductive and unapologetic we're gonna hit you with this last thing and we're going to get outta here the graham wanna know thought we forgot about that secondary place listen the grand wanna know what only live if y'all give us questions that's how it is worse give us questions the grand wanna know would be here the grand wanna know talk to okay so to grant one female hit up the page and she wanted to know wissam days that men hhave nontraditional data ideas not no dinner and movie type shit some non traditional data i guess we should start it with what's something nontraditional that you've done this was a date side because you've got this whole time no okay you to me and luca the head to this new going do that first and then think about that you've done so i'm gonna tell you the first thing i would think is nontraditional is jumping on a plane now the only reason i said is because my wife was trying to give me to do this and now doing it but listen we looked into it you get a trainer bait you somebody's jumping out with you like it'd be it so is that.

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