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The KTAR news app your breaking news, and traffic now It is four zero two I'm Becky Lynn and here's our top story, an officer involved shooting this morning turned deadly for one suspect on the Salt River. Reservation about ten AM. Members of the US marshals task force got information on a violent dangerous. Fugitive and tracked him to the native American community the, suspect was killed no officers were injured and the FBI is now investigating house minority leader Nancy Pelosi made a quick political trip to Phoenix today and she's urging residents to, get out and vote KTAR's Mark Carlson's live at central and Thomas with more wrecking. Lynn appearing in central Phoenix before the party, faithful Pelosi says Democrats must. Get out front in this election to, move the house into democratic hands so when you are doing what you're doing you, must own the ground the. Election The victory. Belongs to those on. The ground Pelosi was speaking over Trump's supporters shouting and trying to drown. Out the former speaker outside the venue reporting live from, central Phoenix Mark Carlson KTAR news the Phoenix police. Department still working on getting all twenty nine hundred forty five officers body cams sergeant Vince Lewis says the cams are vital, to transparency and investigations are no longer in one precinct now they've gone citywide and. We are in the middle of a program, to expand the body worn. Cameras citywide Louis says the city's. Working on finding the best cameras that can afford the eventual goal is to have all patrol officers wearing one the city police.

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