Colorado, Russia, Senator Cory Gardner discussed on Colorado's Morning News with April Zesbaugh and Marty Lenz


And the old record of ninety two that was set in nineteen fifty one and we tied a record on Monday Myer says we will see this trend continue for the next few days. Opening statements getting underway. This morning in connection with the death of a Colorado state trooper Cody Donohue was was hit and killed along. I twenty five in November two thousand sixteen. No, Gomez Ruiz's is facing criminally negligent homicide and other charges in the case. Donahue's death led to the move over for Cody act, which stiffen penalties for drivers not moving over for those emergency vehicles. Colorado GOP Senator Cory Gardner is making another push to treat Russia as a state sponsor of terror Senator Gardner is upset after learning from an NBC news. Report that Russia was apparently responsible for attacks against US personnel. And diplomats Cuba and China Gardner has introduced two bills aimed at Russia. One would declare Russia. A state sponsor of terrorism. The other would increase economic political and diplomatic pressure on the government of Latimer. Putin Jerry, bell, KOA NewsRadio. Take a bow Colorado. We know you can because we're the least obese state in the nation that from the latest report from the Robert Wood Johnson foundation. It shows that just over twenty two percent of Colorado are considered obese that's good for number one on the list. The most to be state in the nation. West Virginia had more than thirty eight percent. And why Colorado is trending lower the nation as a whole listen faring. So well, the US seven states over that thirty five percent Mark as recently as twenty twelve no state had a rate that high and comedian nor McDonald getting dumped by the tonight show, he had the plug pulled from an upcoming appearance. After some recent controversial remarks he made about the metoo movement McDonald told the Hollywood reporter he was happy that things had slowed down. A bit. When it comes to women pointing the finger at men for sexual misconduct comic also said it used to be one hundred percent or one hundred women can't be lying. And now, it's one woman can't be lying. He also criticized the fact that.

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