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South. Let's get an update now from Bloomberg's Tom Busby. What do you see in Tom? Oh, this is just a dismal start to the trading day in the New week, the Dow and the NASDAQ, both down more than 400 points. The big driver on this is a sell off in tech stocks extending what we saw last week and the president ramping up his trade war with China. Jeff He's now threatening companies that do business there or start new jobs there, and that's going to affect a lot of big tech names way. Thankyou, Tom. We are open for business. And the Dow is down more than 400 points were watching the numbers very closely for you this morning. Ah, summer of al Fresco dining could soon take a vicious turn is the weather. Starts to get a little bit cooler and fears that restaurants many hanging on by a thread now could lose their grip entirely. In the coming weeks. Chris Pharma tells us even restaurants that have spans generations have been no match. For covert 19 ships. David KC and Nicole Bartlett had what they thought was the perfect plan. We both have the same vision comin into this and then we found this place when we part said so And then you know, a week later, we passed papers. And then another week later, all this stuff started happening, and one month later today, the day they planned to open their dream, perfectly flavored restaurant and he's Bridgewater. Let take us down and at almost became a motivator, really, just more. Adapt and overcome type of situation that like we're ready for both good times and bad and appreciative of support they've already received along the way. I'm sure things will get tougher. Yet the town has welcomed us with open arms. We couldn't be any more grateful. Chris Moment of UBC Boston's NewsRadio College Kids back on campus continue to fight for their right to party, but it's nowhere near the fun and games of yesterday more than 50,000 Cove in cases have been reported on more. Than 1000 college campuses nationwide. UNH is one of them where double BBC TV's Michael across, tells us a college frat house now finds itself on thin ice for hosting a party that led to a cluster of infection, A spokesman from the fraternity's national office released a statement saying. Students, Health and safety are essential to data Kai's mission. The fraternity expects chapters to follow all applicable laws and regulations. You know, the students really have to do three things where those masks physical distance and don't get together and party Durham Town manager Todd Selig says he's really disappointed with this student's behavior. You know, it only takes a few bad actors in a party like this to set things. In a negative direction. Students are hoping the parties will stop so they can stay on campus, and the penalties are pretty severe. A cz well course Northeastern University, making headlines for telling 11 of its students to go home for partying, and they're not going to get their money back, either. It's 9 33 roadways still dealing with brake lights. Let's check in with Lori Grandi and the Subaru Retailers of New England. All wheel drive traffic on the freeze. Hello, Moto. We do have some delays. Still, north bound on the expressway continues to be tough from Savin Hill, right? Ooh Southampton Street. Also good at problem with a disabled vehicles in the left hand lane. This's on 93 Northman on the ramp to Mystic Valley Parkway route 16 there in Medford. So that's the problem. Watch out for disabled vehicles in the left hand lane on that exit ramp Getting off at Mystic Belly Parkway South Expressway continues to be heavy as well, Not really jammed, but lots of volume there Columbia Road to Savin Hill. Get a crash 24 north down by 1 39 and stowed in one of the vehicles is in the woods. The other is in the median There that gives us 24 north of a 1 39 and student still got that abandoned disabled car. It's in a bad spot. So watch out for this route three south at the off ramp to Derby Street and hang him and work continues and just keep in mind. It's out there. 1 90 North out of error at straightened Wister and also South bound. Through Stirling Approaching 1 40 Laurie graduated BBC's traffic on the three day in Boston as we head back to work after the long holiday weekend. 71 degrees and Blue sky plenty of sunshine on the way Today. Temperatures make it to the mid eighties and.

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