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Is with the national tag team champions once again. A challenge is issued to everybody. I don't mean just wrestlers. I mean if you're good enough to try how about that man. I love that line. It doesn't pay to be nice. Pays to be good. That seems like a t. shirt right now does not not kidding and let me tell you something. He called everybody out. Truck drivers weightlifters. You know if you let that promo you know go ahead run and other in other situations. He challenged everybody at. I believe the and he had some guys come over the rail and try them. You know. it's it's only. Anderson believed stuff hundred percent and he made you believe and that made me believe so. It's worth mentioning to. He's doing this. What nine years after. He's been cut like cuts. Maybe not the right word fucking stabbed at the greenville memorial. Auditorium was probably more accurate. I think happened in. Like may of seventy six so for him to say. I'm not just talking about wrestlers nine years after he got stabbed. That's he wants all the heat. Well he had a knife come across his chest and laid him. Wide open laid him wide open and it was. It was a lot of stitches. Yeah and for him to still have that same frame of mind nine or ten years or however many years it was later he had making missed. That's for damn scher on that. Same episode of worldwide. You're going to wrestle ricky reeves and stoney burke but let's talk about your tv taping that way you're going to be singles action against a gene leg in this on the wcbs show oregon's we hope you're locking our new format here on the show. We're trying to take a more personal approach to telling arn anderson story a man if you're looking to give a personal gift that tells.

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