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Forty five left right or any of these other great quarterbacks that we've seen when quarterback did you think is going to go into boys that's taken into locker room now with three timeouts level and a minute forty five come on boys. We'll we'll get them in the second half. No no no a minute. Forty five live left if you score. Now you've got the momentum of the game maybe that changes the whole gay and they're getting the ball to start you what I'm saying. You get the ball and you and your score and you get the borders to to start the second half the momentum you have it might be a game changer. But but but but that's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about what you would normally do. Normally you probably use those time out. So he doesn't use a timeout cocktails. Ticks ticks ticks ticks and then all of a sudden they hit a couple of big place and moving the ball but they didn't ever call neither good coach Tom here but now there's like twenty seconds left so whatever was and then they got a penalty that came came and all that. But I'm just saying I'm not accusing anyone to choke. I'm just making a point here about life about that moment. That could have changed changed. The course of the whole game for me was there was a million things. I mean Andy. Reid did a magnificent job. Calling a game offensively unbelievable but the so many different parts of the game. But I'm just saying for me that that might have been the biggest part the most important turning point of the game with nobody even really thought about him and and then of course what happens in the fourth quarter. Listen you could probably say Andy. Reid was being a little conservative putting the fourth quarter. What does he do? He opens it up. He over and now look you guys out this teddy stick to box in your box and expert. But I'm just saying I know pressure I know I know about the realm of that whether it's football or whether it's boxing or whether it's a teacher in a classroom and a different situation with somebody watching for the first time to she teach differently so I'm just saying the just thought that that should be brought up and I understand understand. Look the better quarterback was on the I get all that I get all that I do but at the end of the day was tied game. Those as a minute. Forty five left in the first half. I probably could so people go. Yeah you're right Eh. I I forget how to and I I had I had the over. I'm not trying to rile you up. Just talk about what we talk about over here and we cost over to all things that have to do. A pressure pressure. That's what we talk about pressure. Well I can tell you why they didn't score at the end of the second half at the end of the first half. 'cause I bet on the forty niners see actor Casey. In fact see that see. That's how it makes sense. Wow that's wow terrible terrible day from the San Fran fans out there. I gave Kesse Bill. I apologize to you. We try to make up for it down the row. Yeah let's get into some. We'll get into some boxing picks but Let's get into the fight. Action couple fights this past week Let's start with the main event on the The zone car dimitrius Andrea Against Luke keillor one-sided fight on paper. I JUST WANNA quickly point out to you. The odds on the last ten and fights that Andre had since he fought Venus. Matter Much Rosen. The odds were on his his last ten fights minus twenty five hundred minus two thousand minus sixteen hundred minus three thousand minus thirty three hundred minus sixteen hundred minus ten thousand minus five thousand thousand minus eight fifty and again Keeler was minus five thousand. That's a problem. I know the guy style makes it difficult for him to get matches because he's it's hard to look good against he's very slick very athletic very defensive but gone now it's worse than no worse but it's boxing is what it is. They're not going to take really chances. Are they're going to give up S- out when I can when they control promoters control everything is not just this that work this organization. It's everybody be body. They're they're gonNA give lay ups when they can and Waiting to there's something really on the line you know. And their world world making an eighty twenty five ninety ten fight you know ninety percent ten eighty percent twenty percent the I know it's not right to the fans and I know I get it. I've been fighting on on. Espn about it and got myself nor kinds out water about it while trying to bring to the best we could but at the end of the day you know they're going to. They're not going to really take a risk and to this a fight that they feel is aw. Aw is worth the risk. It's kind of like again. I go into movies. It's kind of like the movie heat. Where Robert Deniro said you you want to do this one? It's worth took risks. You WanNa do this. You know you just got out of the CAN do. It's worth the risk and so it's a little bit like listen getting down to the fight right you said it right. I mean there was only one guy to run. It looked like two guys see. That's where we play tricks on you in boxing. It looked like with two people and then they'll look to people to know there's only one and we we talk reality but a lot of people and used to it. So Oh my God I've got people come up to me non they. They've watched the PODCAST chief. You guys. Wow you guys say things said well. We'll just say that's why you don't see press roll the fruits he's saying you know I mean really at the end of the day it still should be about the truth and you know. I know it's hard. You look at the politics now and you look at everything in the world and then say the truth what is what is it like where to go where to go. Yeah you know. Where did you go joe? Dimaggio you know and But this guy terrain I mean theoretically anything it can happen in a great sport of boxing yet to know you guys still got up to punch guys still got you know what I mean. We have sudden level of something and and the storm has to be has to be a perfect storm of things that have to happen that the stars lineup but there was only one guy was GonNa win this fight obviously and you just put on the facts out there in a really good way drought. He started very fast. AST now making no excuses for but sometimes when you drop a guy like he dropped like a half a second writing to beginning sometimes when you drop it with his left hand from the South Pole position because that's could be the power ahead just like the right hand gun ought to vital we get you back into turning getting into it. You can all you power to when that happens. Sometimes it screws up. I know it sounds funny but sometimes It's an easy night. He already told it was going to be an easy night. That's yeah let's face this. He knew what he was fighting and that was a layup. Maybe a slab bulk. Whatever and so now you drop the guy say live certified so this is going to be an easy night and you can't get yourself into the place state you should always be in as a professional in any realm of anything you think where you're doing things fundamentally right? You're still doing things that other proper things to do whether you got an easy not an easy night. You're doing things right and you can't. You can't get yourself back to where you need to get yourself back the horses out of the bond. It's going to be an easy night. I'm just going to land a punch that say I'm just could you still got a professional fighter of a certain level in funny that you know what if you just punts from four blocks away. He's going to get a cab cap. Give me out of here before this punch come see common. Stout thirty Third Street now fits get Outta here. So I think that part harder that happened and the end result the byproduct of it was that Andrei didn't look good. He was sloppy. He was was he looked strong and physical and obviously he was the better talent and he was in with an overmatched ponant which is the plan but he he really look sloppy even amateur amateur wish in spots where he was just reaching him with one pump because that was on his mind it happened so we figured okay. It's really going to happen so he couldn't make that adjustment back away. You should be as a professional where you do. The Right Way is used a JAB. You still set it. Up is still use some trickery we you still use the experience. That should be used to do it. No I'm just. I landed a punch in two seconds. I'm going to land another one. I'm just going to throw it. And and he was he showed he was out of control. He was sloppy. He didn't look good to the credit. The other the guy give him credit he showed guts maybe a little maybe a little awkward cleverness once once he got hurt are hard to catch a guy if we just trying to survive more than he's trying to win. Yeah but you're not helping yourself. Any hundred was not helping himself Vinnie by the way he was approaching it and part of it for me to break it down as Andrei dried. He's on address style as always you style. Your physical style is always connected to your mental temperament. Never Forget Tadic always connected. It's like trains going down to track. But don't forget those trains are connected to to the lead train to the the engineer train to the motoring. They're not trained on their own. They connected the same thing the body's really not on a dull. It's connected to this and it does. This does end does what does says. It does what this feels. And your temperament issue temperament Andreotti is is a careful guys. A cautious guy is more setup. He's long range. He's got those long arms he's he's got good physical ability he's Atlantic he had a great amateur background was Olympia. And he's got all those things going for he's got talent but has the engine delete train is to be careful not to go get you. He went he went out side himself by goal right aft- to partly because he knew what he had in front of him so he went right. It worked and then he couldn't like I said he could get it back like he couldn't get away could calm it down. It was just just kept chucking there and he went against his natural style he he was out of sorts to begin with because it's not true styles to set traps APPs. He's an awkward guy himself to be quite frank. He he's defensive-minded it's it's to get things done that way. And he was forcing the issue. He was forcing awesome. The usual I had an all night. This guy that is like sitting at the dinner table force food down. And he's not enjoying it he just just he's just shoving it down and and it showed and it showed in like I said he he he wasn't he just at the end of the day he got it done. Obviously he finally got rid of the guy. According to guy missed a lot of punches look look great. He he didn't do anything to really mocked himself as the top weight. He's better than that but he didn't show it that night. You know. I'm sure the Charles I'm sure the Billy Smith Saunders. I'm sure that they were triple g canal. I'm sure all those guys. Why law will kind of bullied a little Bowie boasted a little bit by that performance? Saying hey you know. Maybe I'd like to get a hold of this guy where before I was a little little bit more more resident. The resident's resisted that idea. You know and now now might make more sense you know that. He can't get fooled by that but he doesn't look like the big bad wolf has much in some ways not against that guy because of the way that who played out the way exactly which was broke down of that it did play out Yup while there was certainly a lot of entertainment on the undercard of that event Two fights before that we had Joe Joe Dias and Tevin far which was a barn burner of a fight. Joe Joe Dias suffering as has bad a cut as you'll see in the second round from an accidental headbutt. I to be honest with you. I was shocked that the ref continued to let the fight go. It was almost like he could see out of his eyelid. It was cut so bad and it was interesting to see him. React to react to that cut and kind of dig down versus what happened with Jay Rock Williams the week before who got a cut and seem to be very bothered by almost came apart and like lost sight of the mission at hand in cost him his title whereas Joe Dias almost seem to embrace the cut in the adversity and picked it up. He bullied Kevin Farmer all night. I thought he won almost every round and he literally just bullied bullied and beat them up all night and it was rough house in them every chance he got ref let a lot of the stuff go thoughts on that one..

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