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The patrol is affectionately known. And he was the result of some like fifteen thousand reports the previous year due to the immense amount of homeless that reside in the area. Well to call in those reports has been streamlined. That's right. A brand new app. That allows people in one fail swoop to notice the offensive pile pull out their smartphone and went in and snap a shot of it, which will then immediately geo tagged the location and send it to the city of San Francisco. So they could send the poop patrol over the app is called. Snap crap. You knew this was coming with, you know, the proximity in Silicon Valley and all the rest, but San Francisco every now, and then are you careful where you step? Absolutely. Okay. I mean, this is something that's noticeable out there. Not really, no, I know the homeless population. So I I really haven't noticed. I'm usually running from meeting to meeting. Okay up and down those hills. Dr Kevin Campbell in studio with us. Let's get a medical question and use his schooling. Don, what's up? And Don just died. I'm sorry. We should have got Donna earlier. That's my bad. I thought this was an important story. Do you think? Ross which you see you snap crap is on. It's got a it's on IOS share yellow not should do. Lord. Just use it. You know, take pictures whenever you..

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