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Lost memories listener Grady had a serious motorcycle crash decades ago. And can remember nothing of the event he got in touch to ask if the accident jolted his memories out of his head or if they're hidden in his brain somewhere, we retrace his steps and speak to the scientists. He can tell us what his brain was doing at the time. Join us to see if we find the missing memories after this bulletin of World Service news. BBC news with Eileen McCue. The Congolese opposition leader Martin for ULA has urged the world not to recognize the outcome of the election and the DRC after the constitutional court rejected his appeal to overturn last month result in the late night declaration the court described his claims as unfounded it upheld. The victory of another opposition candidate Felix Tshisekedi, the Democrats in congress have dismissed an offer by President Trump to end the partial shutdown the government, which is now in its fifth week. Mr. Trump presented plans which included lifting the threatened deportation of almost a million immigrants with three years. He also promised extra money for humanitarian relief at the border in exchange. He demanded five point seven billion dollars for a border wall. Something the Democrats reject two people have been killed and fourteen others hurt. Four of them seriously in a fire at the French ski resort. Of course, Abell the fire engulfed accommodation. Housing seasonal workers. Video on social media shows a man leaping from a window to escape the blaze as firefighters tried to reach him reports from Syria say there's been a huge explosion on the outskirts of the capital, Damascus Syrian state television reported that there were casualties following what it called a terrorist attack. But gave no further information Syrian activists said the blast at a military intelligence office was followed by shooting the security forces in Bangladesh say they've arrested a key suspect who's accused of involvement in a high profile militant attack on a cafe in the capital, Dhaka two and a half years ago. Rashid is described as a member of the banned Islamist extremists group Jambi, boxing, the WB world welterweight champion, many pant cO has successfully defended his title a month after celebrating his fortieth birthday. The filipino. Senator. Beat the American dream Bruna who's eleven years, his junior BBC news. I'm money Chesterton. And this is crowd science from the BBC World Service this week taking us on a bumpy ride down memory lane is crowd. Science listener Grady. I was driving from my home in salmon Idaho Pocatello for final exams at university. It was quite cold, beautiful blue sky. And on my Yamaha motorcycle doing about seventy five miles an hour. The engine was running perfectly. And I was coming up to a wide sweeping left hand turn. Started the Bank for the turn. And immediately felt and heard a sound below me looked down and saw the kick stand of the motorcycle. And it was down and sparks were shooting off it. I looked at the speed ometer saw the sparks and knew that I was going to die within the next few seconds..

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