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Brought to you by the Sudbury condominiums apple French crossing of the justice department's internal watchdog releasing a much anticipated report today that is expected to reject the president's claims of the Russian investigation was illegitimate untainted by political bias from F. B. I. leaders it is also however expected to document errors during the investigation resident from Twitter tease that is a big deal it might not be exactly what he and his supporters are looking for a justice department report on the start of the Russian election interference investigation by the department somewhat independent inspector general looking ahead reporter Daniel Lippman of political I don't expect that the ID's report will be too much of a distraction to impeachment because both sides are getting something that they want from the IG report Republicans will show some misconduct and Democrats will say that the F. B. I. mostly was cleared in this review Tom Foley CBS news Washington at six thirty seven pushing ahead with articles of impeachment the house Judiciary Committee convening today to formally receive the investigative findings against the president as the White House is mounting their attack on the proceedings the president's saying it is a hoax if the house Judiciary Committee approves articles by Friday it would set up a final impeachment vote in days before Christmas Kennedy center honors taking place last night in Washington honoring those who have made an impact on American culture through the arts earth wind and fire Sally field Linda Ronstadt Sesame Street being honored just to name a few house speaker Nancy Pelosi attendance the arts will heal our country help prepare a country like differences because when you come to enjoy the arts you forget your differences he left the gathering cried together you are inspired together you understand each other better when the ceremony was taped last night it will air this upcoming Sunday on CBS at eight PM it's six thirty eight now time for business we go live to Bloomberg and here's Tom Busby Hey thanks Jim some good news at the gas pump average and nationwide gas prices down a penny a gallon last week to two sixty five according to industry analyst trilby Lundberg a little tough to find that price though in Boston to Mutu gains on Wall Street on Friday after that blow out November jobs report right now though Dow futures down by twenty and the Indianapolis Blake but Indianapolis based trucking company celadon file for bankruptcy late last night that puts more than three thousand drivers five hundred administrators out of work just last week though to that company's top executives were indicted for wire and securities fraud I'm Tom Busby Bloomberg business on WBZ Boston's news radio and what a finisher was last night not exactly what pats fans were looking for however in Foxboro Adam Kaufman has it all in sports on the way next at six thirty nine zoom didn't invent video conferencing they just made it better ready for more zoom phone works.

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