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That could basically be for this the usa title then they also host you a b in western kentucky if middle tennessee gets by old dominion they're gonna win the division their last 3 games are all at home against you a b western kentucky and marshall a huge edge being at home in that and again a situation where middle tennessee i i believe we will not lose at home you also have a unique situation where the bottom teams in this league are very bad races one in six charlotte one in six and conference play you tap lot attack utsa and you also have two teams that are already have interim coaches charlotte got rid of mark price you tell us tim floyd less that program so you're to bottom teams are in complete disarray it's such a fascinating league because there are a lot of interesting situational spots with house spread out it is also there are teams just run very very different tempos we marshalls one of the fastest teams in the country old dominion really really slows down middle tennessee states just good on both ends of the floor so they play a reasonable pace but the reason that there are so slanted towards yonder is because they play such good defense western kentucky little bit quicker than uh old dominion in middle tennessee state now here's my question i i've got middle tennessee their futures price of five hundred one just thing if they would win this conference give themselves a chance to pull one of those first round ups that's again are the only team in this league if they come out of this conference capable of winning an nc aa tournament game or can you'll western kentucky in old dominion a pull off the something of a shocker in round one.

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