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That chance because i gotta tell you what i think of this eight three three eight five two four eight six six i want you to tell me if you think that isis is an existential threat to the united states why do we have an argument over terrorism you know what people on the left bank they think the existential threat to the united states comes from within the united states case in point there's an election going on in virginia ed glaspie is running virginia what happened down there charlottesville cetera right there's an ad that is running down there against ed glaspie and it features a little a an image young black boy and a muslim girl with a head scarf on and they're walking peacefully down the sidewalk and then out of nowhere a pickup truck appears driven by a couple of white racists in their flying the confederate flag and they're running away this racist pickup truck is driving after these innocent minority kids and then at the end of the added says this is the vision that at gillespie has for america it's a really ridiculous add obviously and i think it's going to hurt the democrats in virginia that ad city journal wrote an article seth baron right truck wrong driver about the ad because this ad was running a week before this terrorist attack happened now you have this guy in a pickup truck with his isis flag murdering americans okay so city journal set baroness saying hey dummies this is the existential threat not these the phantom white supremacists that you guys have created for yourselves but people on the left bank that is the existential threat that is why people on the left and i mentioned this yesterday lake.

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