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Turned bad that tweet during her public testimony to three house committees on Friday she had two indoor yet another attack today even as she was testifying to the president of the United States is just falling Democrat Adam Schiff read the tweets to the hearing he called and witness tampering the president's countering tampering is when a guy like shifty shift doesn't let us have lawyers tampering is one shift doesn't let us have witnesses doesn't let us speak ambassador you've all of it should knowledge that she was not on the president's phone calls with the Ukrainian president and could not cite any crime that she thought the president had committed the house committee's took more testimony in secret to late in the afternoon Friday from state department employee David Holmes who is said to have overheard a phone conversation between the president and the U. S. E. U. ambassador Gordon Sunland today the acting director of the office of budget and management will testify behind closed doors about the fifty five day delay in assistance to Ukraine president trump granting clemency to three members of the US military had been accused or convicted of war crimes president trump making the controversial decision late Friday night to restore the rank of navy seal Eddie Gallagher caliber received national attention several months ago after a military court acquitted him of murder but found Gallagher guilty of posing with a corpse for a photo the president also granted clemency to two army officers lieutenant Clint Lawrence who was found guilty of murder in twenty fifteen and major Matt Goldstine who will now have the murder case against him dismissed for the Charles Manson follower Brad Davis has been denied parole sixth time this time by governor Gavin Newsom who was convicted in the nineteen sixty nine killings of musician Gary Hinman and stuntman.

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