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Donald Trump, CIA, Senate discussed on The Norman Goldman Show


The commercial breaks we play stuff that so we share it now on the air thirty three minutes into the first hour and we've got another doozy for you today lots of stuff that we play for a streamers and we want to share it with everybody in that suggestion incidentally came from people who listen on the stream and they've sent me emails to norm at normangoldman dot com they said what are you doing may not playing this very body so there right and they were writing so i stand corrected and so everybody gets to hear the awesome stuff that krista michael put together i have no hand in this the crew gets the credit for it so we have that at thirty three minutes into this hour which means it's just about twenty three minutes from now so stick around for that i've got primary results and they're very very interesting in a couple of significant ways so we'll spend a moment on that i don't know if you paid attention to the news today look my day was busy i know you're days always busy but gina hospital gina both the lady that the donald trump nominated to be there the cia she was in front of the senate because she needs to be confirmed by the senate and the senate is not is not just going to roll over i mean i think they will confirm her but i'm getting a bit ahead of myself three americans being released from north korea donald trump is already campaigning for the nobel peace prize for himself i'm not kidding around the there's interesting linkage at least in my mind and it may not be real because it may just be in my mind but there is linkage between the iran deal and the north korean deal so we'll get to that to me me the big story to me the big story of the day is michael cohen the fact that that little llc that he set up essential consultants llc.

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