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I want to get your get your thoughts about this and we've already made some similar comparisons between this year's montreal canadian's and the stars from last year. You know two teams mostly defensive or wanted definitely a cinderella story and not expected much from them in the playoffs right. I mean in the first round the the stars were expected to lose to calgary and then the same thing with The montreal canadians in the first and the first round. It looked like that they were actually going to lose that first. Round going down three games to one and then they end up in the stanley cup finals. So go figure. But what's your thoughts on that. Is there any real comparison between those two. Oh yeah i haven't. They're super similar Hot goalie that kind of drug him through. I think the stars were scoring way more. I think it was more of a team. Effort on the star side than it was on the canadian side And the stars had a much more difficult path to the cup than the canadians did this year. But i mean other than that. It's really similar in my opinion. They're both not really in the contender slot at the at the beginning of the season. Not what you'd really put him but they ended the season in a great way. Yeah i i think they're really similar. So do you think They will have an opportunity to go back to the stanley cup. Final annexed. Season the macho dance. And what's funny. It's so weird to look at this montreal. Canadian's team realized that they made the stanley cup. Final yet some people are putting them as not even making the playoffs just because of the division that they're in. Oh i think they make the playoffs. But i don't. There's still not a contender in my book. But maybe this is keri prices last hurrah. Maybe he can't do it again. And i mean if you look at his numbers. It wasn't like this season he was exceptional. I mean in the regular season. He wasn't like the best goalie by any stretch. He wasn't investment. Talks at all. So it's not unfathomable that they'll be not the playoffs. But i mean i still think they're a good a good team. Do you think he get an. We're just assuming that the nhl goes to the olympics at this point. If i asked this question which that looks like. That's probably not going to happen. The sad thing but is keri price. The goaltender for team canada when it time comes around based off this playoffs. Do you think that's the thing. No i don't think so. It'll i don't think he's the best goalie Like if you look at the heat okay. He had the best the best Postseason other than vassilev ski obviously But if you look at his regular numbers he's really not that exceptional. I mean we weren't really talking about him in the regular season either like he wasn't he didn't seem like the reason that the canadians were making their big pushes to get into the playoffs. But i mean he's still really good but he's just not. He's not the obvious number one goaltender that he was a couple years ago right so in. You already mentioned this but do you think this is. This was his first and possibly only chance to get a stanley cup. I think if he doesn't get out of montreal than ads is less chance. Do you think he could..

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