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This career ovens best seasons appro. I think he's been the best. Like james has probably been the best player in brooklyn but in terms of regular season impact. Like kyrie's like i think brooklyn brooklyn doesn't have any more games to play right. I think they're not. They have one more game. Play tomorrow if kyri hits like let's say if he goes four or five three tomorrow he'll right now actually. They're playing right now. If i think if he goes for five from three tonight he will finish fifty forty nine year Like he's that close to being fifty four nine right now and it's like far away from free throws he's there he's been good defensively this year. Which i think has been overlooked like he's legitimately bene- solid point of the tax vendor Active in health. I've just somehow with everything that's gone on in brooklyn we've really lost what kyrie has done this year and it's been kind of sad because he's just been so so good and i love washington play and i felt wrong. Not including him on on ballot. So he's on my thirteen. I think with trey trey is just been like. I mean andrew. This is partially because andrew. Kelly boyd me into this. But like trays just been so good. They're the fish senior in in the east and it's not all about seeding but like he had a rough rough start of the year. The floater really wasn't there for him and he's helped. Guide them on this massive run underneath macmillan. So i think i have trade there. He's been better defensively this year too so not good. But he's improved around on my team. Paul george jason tatum and rudy gobert and i debated putting them over rudy. But i am sure. I would get scrutinized for having a bam over a dp y but i mean rudy's been awesome. He's probably been a little bit better than the advancement men antastic to. I'm gonna let joe shining. 'cause i'm actually editor nine teams as we speak no words so i've come with cairo as well I'll ask you in a second surprise surprise. We have meant bay light. He's been the efficiencies been quite ridiculous. Fifty four nine club in the actually in the defense not bad venus jassam. Frankly tweeted that last night. Like it's been somewhat positive. A this gods ready difficult. The of a spokeswoman so i eventually gone wave c. p. three i consider james harden but then i thought the hip graphite i had hard and not lebron will then fantasy could have argued that the forward spots more competitive than this so. I'm actually going to do. I am going to put james charleston ford spouse. I went with jason tatum and zion williamson and i put rudy. Gobert the sense position. So what i'm going to do is bump c. p. three down my thirteen and i'm putting kyrie is my second team guard with dame in my third team at c. p. three. I have paul george in the backcourt with them. My forwards are tatum in williamson. Am centers go bear. And now that. I'm talking to through. What i might do is change jimmy butler to guard on that second team bump kyri back down to third team guard and then pushing a jewish randall..

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