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Information detailed on the Web. Most of those websites contain very threatening language threatening the officers threatening their family threatened her Children. Police reform activists say the badge change violates transparency with the public. ABC is Derek Dennis. Don't count on herd immunity to stop the spread of the Corona virus to few people have been infected. According to a study in the British Medical Journal, The Lancet, Dr Paul Offit, Children's Hospital Philadelphia vaccine expert. We're not going to get the level of herd immunity caused by natural infection that is going to eliminate this virus. It's not gonna happen here. It didn't happen in Sweden, and frankly, if you look at the history of viruses, it's really never had. Uncertainty is what is making Wall Street markets and maybe some stock based funds. You have so volatile XYZ. ABC is Daria. All bigger. Investors hate uncertainty, and there are a lot of questions from what covert 19 will do to the economy. The number of people seeking unemployment aid rose slightly last week 2 870,000 figure that shows Cove in 19. Is still squeezing restaurants, airlines, hotels and many other businesses. Six months after it first erupted. A bee sees Daria Aldinger This is ABC News. Polls have Joe Biden ahead of President Trump. But did a poll ever ask your opinion? Now? Newsmax TV is asking Americans to vote in their national poll. Vote instantly for Trump or Biden. Just text the word fish to 39 747 and vote. Make sure your voice is heard. Text fish to 39 747 and watch Newsmax TV on all major cable systems. Check your guide, plus Zoom o YouTube, Pluto's Samsung and more so vote now for Trump or Biden. Text fish to 39 +747. Chuck's Iverson, ABC News headed into your Saturday evening, expecting most of us to be dry. We.

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