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Farmington at all points in between the news watch never stops on newsradio nine fifty two the latest chapter in kid rocks po'd tential bid for a us senate seat physician is posted a social media quotes the presses wrong he says he has fifteen days time at his announcement to file campaign paperwork with the federal elections commission out of a county is the most conservative county in get in less michigan congressman bill highs ago wonders at the rocker can get the same kind of traction of west michigan as he has on the east that at the state to carry a vote here in a good are happy get off agriculture kirk there can no know who who have been with him and he is only aware of an interest power number of other gird note doubt grip rock says he wants to be the voice for taxpaying hardworking americans and leading politicians dealt we the people are sick and tired of business as usual in washington mary ellen murphy reporting d two of the garage sale ed michigan motion picture studio in pontiac people showing up hoping for everything from a bit of memorabilia those set furniture for use in their home and jew jim taribo susannah different mission by represent airbus hotter than traction and we have airbus escape rooms that were opening up and we try to create this of authenticity and our rule is theirs are jail cells are down to our labs if we're hoping to find a good stuff out of the failure and unlike many attending day one of the sale he said he was unsure what he'd fine under how much you'd have to pay for it he doesn't think though that the failed attempt to make movies should be taken as a strike against michigan you know it's whoever causes shack 'cause i have some friends in georgia and it just so happens they got the tax credits down there nowadays we were movies all of the political disposition change how's the move is at all and so i would vanessa continue at hopefully to a level where we can produce who have have the task credits the michigan motion picture studio produce the transformer foreign five movies batman versus superman odds the great and powerful among others before closing out the buildings and property has.

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