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That hayes and borsch naveed scored the verse two goals there is the rangers of course in calgary the game got underway about nine o'clock of course hemorrhaged going to have to call let me know how the icelanders dead and then maybe somebody can call have faith out there devils dead but the new york rangers and sponner newsmen on fire he came over in the nashville and last sunday night even though in overtime the rangers lost a detroit three two two who do you think of suggested on the two ranger goals the as repeat after me boehner and then they he assisted on the game winner in vancouver in overtime the rangers warning that one six two five and he insisted on the game winning overtime goal by gilmore and now spooner has made it three to one so we're rick nash i believe in his first game with the bruins wedel over for five with the shooting but i think he has he scored a goal uh and uh i think i wanted night or two ago so i know that rick nash has scored of least one goal four a boston ruined team that as designs on getting to the finals of winning a stanley cup and nobody would have thought about dad with boston at the very beginning of the season i will say they're taylor home what is it that taylor haul as seventy points and this is the second time and he's just have been unbelievable for for the for the devil's and he has seventy points he added gold and i take my my right about that because that really was watching the game i watch maybe baghdad 10 minutes total.

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