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Have a quarterback at best that has two years left in his football career the reason that you guys have had any sort of stability talking about the giants franchise is because you've had a quarterback it's been a lot of different pieces to come in and out of that that organization the one constant has been ally manning and if you overlook the the opportunity to get a guy that can be the answer for the next fifteen or ten years and say listen we have the ability at the quarterback position the hardest position in sports a must have for twenty five years that i think that is negligent now let's hear how this came together on the trade and we're going to hear it from the indianapolis is because the jets haven't really spoken yet unless it was to their website so then i'll think it's that important to talk publicly about things so here's this this is chris ballard the colts gm discussing why the jets and when talks started talked to a couple of other teams but we still wanted to stay in position in that top ten where we could still get a premium player and we feel like it six will still be able to acquire a premium player weed says monday and tuesday we have been kind of back and forth with the jets about moving back they had an interest to move up to three and kind of went back and forth for the last four or five days so look i give the jets credit on being prepared on this on engaging on this early proactive and this is all part of plan b i mean as soon as cousins basically showed them that he was not going to become a year they went to plan b they did everything they need to do they signed mccown they they signed bridgewater and then they started talking to the colts about making the trade it's all happens a monday it's all good.

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Indianapolis, Jets, Colts discussed on

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