Senator Chris Murphy, Donald Trump, Msnbc discussed on Morning News with Manda Factor and Gregg Hersholt


Connecticut senator chris murphy says president trump has exposed himself as an unprepared and weaknes goshi ater murphy said on msnbc's rachel maddow's show last night that the language in trump's agreement on nuclear disarmament with north korea breaks no new ground this is the weakest that has been included in any recent document that has emerged from north korea and the united states north korean media suggesting this morning the president trump has agreed to lift sanctions after that summit in singapore what trump actually said after the meeting was that the sanctions would remain in place until the us is certain clear weapons are no longer a factor the joint statement signed by both leaders made no explicit mention of complete verifiable and irreversible denuclearization but only that north korea remains committed to denuclearizing the korean peninsula vice president mike pence is expected to speak at the annual meeting of the southern baptist convention today pence is expected to thank southern baptists for the contributions they make today moral fabric of the country that convention got underway yesterday in dallas komo news time seven twenty time now for our propel insurance money update at and t says it's going to complete the purchase of time warner by june twentieth now that a federal judge has cleared the deal the justice department says it's disappointed at losing the decision it warns that the pay tv industry will be less competitive as a result in the ruling yesterday the federal judge in the case rejected the trump administration's argument that the at and t timewarner combination would hurt comp competition and pay tv and.

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