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I think police use the code. One eight seven and it was a unit in the army that I deported Iraq. With a few fine We were always in first Italian one. Eight seven infantry Third Brigade Rocco Bond. Nice Nice that's why we asked us. Let's see right there. Where he learned is that. That's good would you rather never celebrate your birthday again or never drink alcohol again? I'm gonNA never drink alcohol again to be honest with you John One thing that I've learned is is myself and alcohol. Crazy being tend to happen Being probably that should not happen You know I was. I was at about point in between my deployment when you know even before we came up with appointment we already knew when we were going back. And so when we would come back it would just be a free for all and I can't take a weekend and half on a weeknight where we were sober. I say we because there were few of us I even got to the point where I had a jeep wrangler. If I'm and it almost got repossessed because instead of paying my payment I would spend money on alcohol and party so instead of going down that road again follower of Amen. I can tell you I mean not quite intense but definitely when we used to. Come back off of deployments and exercises and stuff and all my ship you you'd come back and like you said it was almost like. I mean you really kind of off you will never really off. You may be technically off duty or whatever but you know. There's just that you're still you're still on and you have to be ready to be on it at a moment's notice. I definitely and that's one of those things about being in the military law. It seems you can parlay job you show up in the morning and for a lot of times. It's that but like you said it's always there and I think knowing for sure if you're going back to something like that I could definitely see how that would. Yeah so keeping. Yeah Yeah Sorry. Pick.

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