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But for some odd reason, you know Marines say Semper Fi so we picked it up in Sanford school that we were going to say set for 5 for my group and we just kept with I've always kept it that way sad for 5:30 Dustin Paisley for the $5. And and thank you Betty Loco and I want to thank fudgesicle Nineteen Eighty-Four all their super Chet stood up and all their PayPal donations what I think my mother was just saying something here. She's in in Denmark other. She's telling you Richard in Denmark authors. Minimum wage is $24. You know when you look at Denmark Sweden Finland Norway, those are the happiest countries on the planet. They also tax like 49% But once again, everybody has free healthcare college is free at least to a certain extent in college, you know, and I mean life thousand and three or four months of paid vacation a vacation. If you get pregnant, you don't have to do get you get paid leave all of that. That's what makes people happy the United States of America and I live class. You know, I hate when people think you know doesn't care for America. I just I just can't stand listening to people scream Marcus greatest country on Earth America. The only thing we're number one is we should kick your ass. That's it and then we and then in terms of like the numbers of people that we have incarcerated. There's no reason right now when you look at people if you're poor in the United States of America and you get sick. Most part you're going to die. That's just the way that means because you have to have money to be able to succeed and to be able to stay alive in the freaking country like this. There's so many things if you go to Europe, you can travel all across Europe they have an amazing rail system. Ferry system are system everything if you frigging run out of gas in West Virginia, you're going down the side of the page road. We ain't got no we got nothing everything is better in other countries and it doesn't mean Richard Ojeda. If you don't like it, you can leave I'm just saying that we could be better where the richest country on Earth. We thought people that could end world hunger today themselves that could be their legacy, but they won't and the reason why is because they want to be number one on the Fortune 500 list and if they're never 10 a.m. And they say to themselves. Well, you know the way it is in America, I can just file for bankruptcy and screw over every single person that retired under my company and I've only have to pay them that along May 4th on the fortune five hundred. Yeah, let's do that screw you workers. That's what it is. And that's why this country has so many problems. Yeah. Well Richard on that note. I want to say that I love having you you're welcome. And and as people have been saying on here that that free their favorite people was me you and Glenn with my fans. Love you Richard. All you guys look you also have to also catch his show when Hal Sparks is on because that guy is phenomenal to let me tell you if I can I'm I'm starting a podcast it's going to be called are born with Richard Ojeda. I'm gonna have you on and I'm coming out to California. We're already talking about coming out there and when I come out there mean you're linking up brother. You said we're going to freak and drink some beer and smoke some weed. Hell. Yeah, everybody share this podcast man. This is always my favorite our brother. All right. I will see you soon there Richard. Thanks brother dead. All right, Airborne Airborne Richard Ojeda ex-army major, thank you being toes for the three bucks. It's tough to be poor in America Gonzo. Thank you for all you all your donation wage. If you add our taxes our insurance costs are Education costs. We pay way more than any other country we can be better but we have Republicans and that therein lies the problem. I want to thank all the sewage chats today Gonzo you especially you went overboard fudgsicle. Thanks for the PayPal donation fifty bucks. That's a lot for chicken 1980. And also I want to thank them Loco always starts it up, you know with that super sticker. I I really want to say thank you to Nicky B and Sean Hockey Canada 25 for really really being not only grade friends, but great people and also helping me moderate this show as we continue to get bigger and bigger and and it's happening people the this shows getting bigger we're dead. More and more views and listeners up to 260,000 the last Twenty Eight Days just on YouTube alone. 260,000. Thanks for the ten bucks. Great show again, John. Thank you. Thank you Mom. Great. So good luck at Doctor. Well, of course my mom's going to be worried about me. But seriously, I love you all. I'll be back on Tuesday with some other great guests as you can see if you if you follow me on Twitter and Stuttering John M. I'm constantly looking to book guests and I will constantly watch that. So we have a different variety of guests that will be interesting and informative. I know that we all learn something every single show including myself and I you know, just even today with Glenn Curtiss saying that there's three potential things in New York that Trump has to look out for which was awesome. I didn't know that so the song Much, you know, I'm in a great mood. I'm not in a great mood to go to the hospital, but I will go probably get some antibiotics, but thanks so much. Have a safe saved a I will see you on Tuesday at noon and then don't forget Wednesday beer on the balcony at 2:30 and then Thursday at noon and then again on Saturday at noon. It's PST. Of course. Thank you Benny logo for the two bucks who loves you Johnny this guy. Wow. I love you too. And I love you. All. I will see you all on Tuesdays. Just uttering John saying good Kia and Hank, Georgia. 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