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What did you learn what is new like what it would you can do appreciate about this character in the world you created for him the the thing that i i got the most out of this was the experience of working with michael are already they are the nicest people in comics there just nonstop positively their date juice you can't not work with them and get buzz about what yorkie on the just bring this energy with them on everything they do everything just she wizards it's the last iin i get happy when i see i i have an email from might because i know it i'm going to open it and rainbows are going to shoot out there and has to be a gorgeous page of all art nature's mike gone hey i'm like work working with mike and and this is the longest i've worked with any artist in a row without a break yeah it's twenty nine issues of surfer all with mike the point one story we did before the launch with mike it's over 600 pages of material might no break no guest artist no guest writer one writer one artists all the way through out the way they used to do it in the old days and and now i'm spoiled i want that on everything but by the end of our way into the ron you become the couple that nobody wants to play dictionary with you that you get on that level you not with spiderman because.

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