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The point where I have all my best material. There were things in that quiz that even I didn't know about myself now my story I would make due date with Zach Galifianakis and make more marble. Movies made a third ironman movie with Shane. Black and upset some fans when it came out. How'd you that fans of the comic didn't like Portrayal Iron Ironman Arch Nemesis the Mandarin in the film? We made him an actor and not the threat. He is in the comic. It really got them riled up. Yeah I don't like the mandarin either one up. Did he not meet your expectations either? Now it's because they just find him annoying annoying may how can you say? Oh I'm annoying. No not you again. That's the Mandarin. He's just a just a what Just to what tall. Orange TINY ORANGE. A tiny orange. Look at me on the Mandarin amata-egco orange look the tawny orange. We are on a orange. Joel Riot Stagno. Orange would have saved your movie. If I was in it I would have been. I would have been like look at the Tony. Orange juice going to defeat are in men and take over the world. Nobody would have seen it coming. Didn't see this coming. That's fine go on to your view and never forget the Mandarin. I never forget about the tiny Ange. That was odd. Also I think the tiny orange left something in my ironman helmet. He didn't leave anything in the helmet. Those are fishbowl. Facts fishbowl fax full facts. Yeah THEY'RE RANDOM. Facts that kind of show up during our show to give the listener some extra knowledge about who we are with here. Let's show you these full fact number one pretty in pink molly. Ringwald has revealed that she pushed for Robert to get the part of Duckie in the hit. Eighty s flick but producers decided to give the role to Jon Cryer. Instead lame fishbowl fact number. Two Robert revealed that he loves attending Comic Convention. Saying I feel like I'm the mayor of Comic Con. My normal life seems incredibly dull and passive. But when I'm at comic con I'm a- Deity weird moment because you're reading yours and I was reading mine in my head and I'm like these words don't line up with what's your maybe I'm on drugs. Full fact number three was I love with Sarah Jessica Parker Parker and partner? She changed her name to partner afterwards. Yeah she was his partner and Parker. At the same time she was his driver we met will be an extra on the set of girls. Just WanNa have fun. The love birds were together for seven years beginning in Nineteen eighty-four four before they split over his alcohol and drug. Use this fact number four and it's early in the early days of his career. The struggling actor bus tables at his Soho Restaurant fishbowl fact number five. Robert married his first wife Singer. Deborah Falconer after dating for just forty two days. They have a son indio. Who's now twenty one number? Six Robert Downey junior purchase the former home of Charlie Chaplin a few years prior to landing the role of the silent film. Legend fishbowl fact number seven. His family name was Elias. Yes his family name was Elias until you father changed. Downey in the nineteen fifties fact number. Eight Robert Collects cars he has a corvette Bentley. Vil Mustang some Audi's a porsche and Mercedes and more fishbowl. Fact number nine loves his sunglasses. He is hardly seen without a culture pill. Wow He is hardly seen without a colorful. I can't read that I can't read today. He is hardly seen without a colorful pair of specs and is said to be partial to the ray ban brand. Do you got the most words in the script. Because it's all about me again with the facts. I didn't even remember myself. I really shouldn't have done so many drugs for all those years. I think got us up to date and everything in your life. This is a fun interview. Yes I told you pretty much everything so I guess it's time to say goodbye. It's probably time for us to go. Thank you for taking some time to tell us a little about yourself. Thank you Mr. This is interesting. I hope we can do it again. Sometime. Thank you for this. Weird flashback film career and drug problems now. If you don't mind I had a sing along with John to get to it. Some tune mind. It's what I need and my nose. I'll have Jarvis call him now Hilton cocaine. Would it be too much to ask if we could save for the movie as well? I don't see why not let me get to get more cocaine then. No no no. You don't have to do that. I mean if you could get them to get more beer. That would be great. Just save me a spot on the end of the couch for me to sleep on. I'll take some pineapple bubbly anything else. Now let's watch the movie Jarvis. Start the movie please. Other starting airplane starting less. Thanks did forget snakes on the plane on GonNa play such a great movie smartly. My favorite airplane movie seems like it should be better than words but when you knows the best part is that it started.

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