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And you know what i'm saying i'm giving you all giving you all the terminology that you were here if it was a tv copy so it means something it just didn't mean anything at that point in time because all payton is doing he's waiting on somebody on defense to tip their hand and once they tip it he's ready did he go here all right here we go here we go here we go last time you were in reggie you gave us a fascinating to to the brighter qb's at at quarterback you got the play with peyton and with andrew lock and you and you told us the difference in their the way they can pose in in the huddle and comport themselves in the huddle andrew lock though for the stanford kid quarterback and all that stuff super smart guy not as it's not your not denigrating andrew luck you're painting still at a higher liz putin was at a higher level just because you know the way like the game wasn't over to peyton until we were shaking hands with opponents you know and then he's still walking in the locker room and he's wondering like like damn we should've got third now you know what i mean andrew luck if he we never get ready to take a knee he's enjoying life while we did it we we went is getting you know so that was just you know paint and it would just always business it was strictly business up until we did the team prayer and you know what i mean like andrew luck he's gonna he's gonna find that one moment even f isn't a second quarter you're gonna find a smile on his face and you know what you're smiling he's like man made to say he had me by my ankles i got out of it it was always something you.

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