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Offer expires February ninth twenty nineteen where continuing our conversation for a few more minutes with Tony Weber. He and his wife Michelle run the Weber ranch website Weber ranch LLC dot com. How much land did you say you had Tony we believe it or not? I we actually only only twenty acres. Yeah. But you're using other people's land are you or? Yeah. We have one other field that we lead that added about another eleven acres to it. So yeah. So I'm able to do in. This was one of like, I said before we started this sort of thing is that the entrance costs is very prohibitive of anybody on into. So when we were looking it was really the smaller markets the organic market where we figured that. I was able to make a full time living on thirty acres ground. Yeah. Yeah. So what are the things that you pride yourself with which is really on the top of the this is a okay smart is to let everybody come and visit encourage I suppose input kind of agritourism, but people come and watch the images so disconnected now, they don't know what it's like for animals on the farm. So you encourage people to come there and see what's going on, right? Absolutely, right. That was one of our big, you know, sort of guiding principles. I guess is that you have to in a, and this is what I try to tell anybody that's looking into this is you have to realize that the average Americans probably three generations removed from agriculture now. Yep. So a lot of this stuff. They only they only know what they see in a on TV. Or in a Booker sorta give somebody the experience to give the kids the experience of coming out to a well-maintained well operated arm. There's really there's nothing to compare it with you know, we talked before about some of these bigger companies where they're they're basically selling you a wine. Yeah. And so an open door policy is something we've had the very beginning pets that may be the best lesson of any in terms of how we can help other people with lessons from farms like yours. Tony. Thank you. Congratulations. Tony Weber here on the American family farmer. Imagine waking up tomorrow and being twenty pounds lighter. What would that do for you? How much better would you feel now we all know that overnight weight loss is not realistic or safe? But if you're taking Cal it can be that easy, take couch and once a day, and you can lose weight and feel better. Just listen to what people are saying about it.

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