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Can you reach for the bread at the other side of the table and bring it over to me? Can you reach for the butter at the other side of the table and bring it over to me? All this guy does is rich. Cleveland Feral, fourth overall game in our net first round pick. You go last year, Henry rugs, the first wide receiver off the board. Really all this guy does his reach. Reach, reach, reach reach. I'm not saying they didn't need Alex Leatherwood. But at 17 get more pics trade back. He could have got a much later. Stock down Micmac. Maybe that's why you don't have a lot of elite talent because you're retreat. Retreat reach Hackers. Here we go again, and it all goes back to last year. You should have never traded up to go Get Jordan love. It did not make sense if he felt it in the first round. Still, I wouldn't have done that. To trade up. It didn't make sense. And last night it take Eric Stokes at a Georgia. I mean people like him is the first round pick. Your second pick you go. Josh Meyers Center at Ohio State, All right. We get Roger's another wide receiver. Can we do that? Please? Por fav or even asking for two years Stock down the lying Brian Goodykoontz. Everything's all right. I have a little thing is gonna be all right. Except a quarterback hates your guts right now Stock down to the Packers, and then finally Denver. It's not egregious because I like Patrick's or 10 junior, and maybe they're going to go get Aaron Rodgers and I do like the Javan Day Williams pick and I don't think Roger's getting traded this awesome. I think you'll get traded next off season. I would have taken Justin Fields, though. If I was the Broncos last night with the ninth overall pick, so I'll give them a stock down on And that's is that guilt show on CBS Sports Ready like Thank David Hall for joining us like to thank Brian Trade sticky for an excellent job producing this extravaganza this week. We'll be back Monday to recap. The entire NFL draft. Be safe. Be well appreciate you. Listen, and you guys are the best talk to your Monday, everybody. I'm Zach Gil. Follow me on Twitter at Zach Gil found on Instagram at SEC help. It's very simple to spell.

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