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And everyone baby from is and wasn't events andi had a great deal of action ford and i'm sure that's a life changing experience for you out ozcanacpit's like my year with warren told mps going to say i mean this was like an infamous project that he will he had been talking to actors about for at least a decade like longer i mean crazy if you'll stick every actor in hollywood had met with him spent time with the tension will lead to a signing are not only how much did you them almost like more time before the film like to know warn as much as on sets i mean it yesmolly a a typical so making alden had about three years of it which is amazing umii had maybe six months of it but originally when i met warreni wasn't even available for when they wanted to go and then and then mortal instruments didn't happen so right so then said andi was i was available a sudden um but yeah there's kind of this like intro period where you just meet for lunch and you go to the house in meat and that in the kids for dinner and you have meetings and you talk on the phone for hours and he he just gets to really know you as you and then you start to talk about the project and there's just these kind of it's very were ganic meanwhile it's probably not totally organic it's all very thought out in his head very smartly but it was like were horsing for a play i guess because we would go up to aldeni would go to his house in there'd be albert will ski for costumes in one room and you'd have here and make up in the other and we'll be talking to them about the character and then aldenandi would go rehearse and we'd be up there for like nine hours at his house every day or than during the movie every weekend so it really was as all immersive inclusive experience which is amazing in itself is overwhelming at times because it's just very period like yulikazan style all immersive and you're living in la where my friends are but i can't go out with them because it's very isolated experience soi feel so much more um.

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