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Can and you can get that fresh tap. You can get that at any of the ace, The ace hardware stores and also I don't even have that. Yes, that 1 may have it to E. They have a lot of the little electronic thing that you plug in your car noise, So I don't know that. I mean, if somebody does that they worked out fine. But the fresh have seems to work. It smells like a Christmas tree. So don't think of your car really bad. And I would put I would put one in inside of the cabin. I was the one on the hood and one in the trunk. And then you may even want to get a couple and spread around your garage or your stories facility. I have people that Lived in the Hunt Valley area, and the gentleman has had problems with mice. He put a couple in his garage and change them like once during the winter and had no problems at all. So it works very, very well. And it's not like I said, it's probably Christmas tree, So it's not that unpleasant. I agree. Then you want you are thoroughly washed. The car checked the scratches or chips or anything like that. That may be starting to rust and take care of that before you put it away and put either put another coat of wax on the car for the winter. Or if you have a ceramic coating on the car, put your maintenance product. On top of that you feel a little bit of extra protection. You also want to put like we talked about in the past, but a battery tender on not a battery charger that remains maintainer corrected. Face battery Tender is the brand name of battery maintainer? Yep, That's that, huh? Then we talk about you. Have you had several people call you that flat, spotting the tires when they sit for a while, come company called race ramps. And they make what's called tire cradles or flat spot preventers. A set of four from them cost about $170. But if you think about how much more expensive those tires are, if they don't unflattering in the spring Um, it's well worth it and you could find them probably in a super price if you search the Internet, but there will sit there like a cellphone blockers just drive the car up on top of its curved to fit the pyre, and it prevents flat spot. Um, if you're going, by the way, the easy way to do that is to put.

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