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Katy which was attached. I had like tons of garlic. Thunder Plugger with NewsRadio eight forty WFAN. Back. AB toady crews. They had wine there. Katie and Toby, Joel. I'll be right back. We'll be right back because I know what you'll you'll go over there. I'll take a half hour to walk over there. And then I'll see about nine twenty five wrapped up because I know L, many you. Right. If you're just joining us, welcome here. The thunder overload toady cruise along with Amy Nick from ninety point five. Newsradio. Eight forty h we've got news coming right up. The eighteen is in-flight right now just superb show. And of course, her her captain her purse is our expert on all things aviation with this plane, what kind of training how long do these guys and ladies have to train in a demo, for example. Like, this is before they they qualified to become full registered pilot, whatever you wanna call it for these kind of jets. Well, they'd go through normal pilot training which takes a year year and a half, and then go through advanced fighter training, which probably takes another half year and then transition into this airplane, which probably is training, six months. Eight months, and then they're qualified to fly it, and you know, they wouldn't be selected to fly demo routine like this until they had a couple of years of experience flying the airplane out in the fleet on a ship. What a privilege that would be..

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