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Primary day now in front of me is Stanley Stanley couldn't vote today why is that family tell everybody in W. RKO land how old you are for these four and a half but I'll tell you first of all Shattuck during the break Stanley's been smarter than a lot of the people we've been talking to appear my right or my right right ninety percent I would say second of all Stanley you are my favorite visitor and I hate to say that in front of other people that are here but look what Stanley brought lightning do I know I've been talking about it last night in a tweet that out but I have a happy Valentine's day card from Stanley and it looks like you driving that truck over those nickels **** Stanley and your name is on the bottom that is fantastic in in the big heart that the crane is holding it says V. B. this is awesome Stanley great job bio B. Valentine's day my friend did you get yourself a chocolate chip cookie over there you got to go do man you're gonna love those my mom made those are to me my wife made those you're gonna love it no issue there Virginia though those they do have Jocko Johnson bless Lambley have you done anything with the politics have you gone to see any of these candidates he has denied speech you sorry speech was it by was it Pete booted judge all in what did you think did you like come if you could vote is that who you would vote for you thank what do you think of Elizabeth Warren now yeah silent no yeah I know it was like a kind of a shake of the head like and really you're going there with because now comment and didn't get this family Shattuck he's a he's a border judge got his dad by the way noted Kevin Costner stumping for people to jail that in Manchester if you're on the fence that might as Wade you she added to my right that's actually a good get Kevin Costner he wasn't about conservative from Republican for years he managed and want to conventions and then in the late nineties early two thousands eighty sorry you but yeah that's really cool I think Kevin Costner's a good a good Sir get them out there Stanley how cool is it to have all this media appearing to have all these candidates running around and have all this sort of excitement up here in New Hampshire well it felt like calling for an end flat the tracks that's only need crazy Stanley goal but I don't it's cooler than trucks they are both well you gave me a Valentine Stanley and I love it can you get right into that microphone and tell everybody in dark W. RKO that they have to have a happy Valentine's day now in that day good man.

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