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As the pens. Try to snap a four game losing streak. They played their last three games without Crosby because of an upper body injury. But he's ready to go. I feel good. I'm glad that. Excited to get back in line up. Nineteen goals allowed over the past four games. Zach acid re says they have to be more responsible in the defensive zone is being a five man unit back there. Not cheating offensively. We're kind of in Iraq right now. So we don't really have another option AT and T sports net has the game at seven Pitt basketball six at oh after beating Saint Louis seventy five seventy three's Johnson led the way with twenty points. It was his way up with seventy seven seconds left that gave the Panthers the lead for good. The first Pro Bowl voting results in today. James Cotter is fourth overall fans. I know that that's all and so finishes. Shows what Steeler nation. Nine Steelers lead. It a position with Rosie Dix. I had both fullback and special teams Steelers today began preparing for Denver defensive end Stefan to it did not practice. Neither did right tackles, Marcus Gilbert, and Matt filer it's possible that the rookie chokes a car for will be in the lineup on Sunday. Was going to happen. Mostly by Friday. How matters go from to pay bribes up its regular season at Miami Saturday the hurricanes top receiver. Jeff Thomas today was booted off the team Eric Hagman NewsRadio ten twenty Katie K sports. Thank you. Eric bit of a bounce back day on Wall Street. Details in two minutes. Sprints..

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