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I'm Pam Coulter good Wednesday morning June tenth welcoming to double the seal P. at twelve eighteen traffic and weather together on the gates let's check in now with rich under the WTOP traffic center Mr Java EE infringing on the outer loop as your Easter van Dorn street toward the Eisenhower Avenue connector single file less get you by the paving project just a brief Tappan breaks as you get into it beyond that the bell is pretty quiet throughout Maryland and Virginia weather incidents or delays to report now in the district I. two ninety five south as you approach soon parkway single file gets past works are never clear if we're single file laughter single fall right but be aware you're down to a single lane there watch out for delays and further south approaching MalcolmX Avenue there you go father works in single file to write over northwestern's street between Cambridge Wisconsin Avenue should be down to a single lane in each direction past the paving project out down mains are in sad shape right now so be aware if you gonna commit to opt on M. street expect a bumpy ride headed toward the key bridge this morning inbound part of it's been paper there's a still a good stretch it is also very rough pavement as well so plan ahead sixty six east bound as you head east of one twenty three towards Dudley street the mass stop trafficking networks are again similar situation west bound sixty six as you approach and past the beltway looks like they may have stopped traffic there again as well and keep in mind once they stop trafficking hold it for at least twenty minutes sometimes a little bit longer as a result of the work skip the rest and ride with the best best bus is now open for business with added safety measures luxury seating wifi and phone outlets they have you covered visit best bus dot com for more details returner WTOP traffic shortly for tracking more heat and humidity out there for our Wednesday and Thursday too but we're gonna see some changes on Thursday first off on your Wednesday very warm and humid high temperatures upper eighties to low nineties.

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